Using The Dice Ruler

The Dice Ruler is the onsite program that is used to determine the outcome/results of dice rolls. In other words how much a roll failed or succeed for the action a character tried to do.

The Dice Ruler is a simple drop-down menu for "Roll type" that lives above your regular posting pane, on the left-hand side of your screen. With the Dice Ruler, you no longer need to refer to the Ladder to determine rolls needed: that formula has already been integrated. All one needs now is to input a character's mights and what they rolled.

Each type of roll you might expect to have to rule is available here, with most special rules added in (the Combat entry handles weapon bonuses and multiple action penalties automatically, for instance). The One-Trait and Two-Trait ruling entries will let you rule anything in the site without any special rules added in so that you can handle all the outliers and on-the-fly rolls that may come up in a session.

You may also notice black buttons next to dice being rolled. They are presets to preload the Dice Ruler with values so that you don't have to copy and paste. The "C" button, for instance, scans that particular post for STR, DEX and END rolls and preloads the associates mights and rolls for you. You still have to enter mights and rolls for the opponent, but it should save a lot of time. Similarly, the "M" button preloads Magic rulings, and the "T" button preloads Tech rulings.

There is a short video tutorial on Using The Dice Ruler here:

The Dice Ruler is all but essential to ruling a session in real time. Just remember where all the rules come from. Sometimes, you may have to go outside the guidelines of the Helper to get the right numbers to represent the wild range of actions our characters are capable of. But 90% of the time, the Helper will help you with everything you need.

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