Staying Conscious

When characters take enough damage to hit zero LIF, but not enough to hit negative their LIF score, they fall unconscious but are still alive.

If a character wishes to try and stay conscious despite crossing the zero-LIF mark, they must make a roll using against 25 + the damage they've taken past zero LIF.
For example, if a character with LIF 30 takes 45 damage and wishes to stay conscious, they will need to roll again a difficulty of 40:

25 base + 15 damage taken past LIF 0 = 40

Several characters have a skill for exactly this situation, commonly called a "hardcore" skill. The skill is added to their chosen stat might to assist with the attempt at Staying Conscious

Which stat to use can vary, however End is the most common stat to be used, however Str, Spir or Cha could also be used pending on the character's theme.

As an additional ruling, you can base how long the character can remain conscious on the PP they generate with the stay-conscious roll, often giving them PP/7 rounds of consciousness before they must roll again. If a character produces 15 PP on their initial roll, they get two rounds of consciousness before they have to roll again. Any damage they've taken in those two rounds is added to the new roll's difficulty, so it can be trickier to stay conscious the longer they keep fighting.

NOTE: Hardcore skills are deceptively dangerous. A lone combatant against a villainous foe obviously has to worry about passing out in the middle of a fight, as it leaves them defenseless. However, when fighting in a group, many combatants will ignore someone who falls unconscious in favor of others still slinging spells or throwing punches.

What that means is that falling unconscious is a bit of a safety net in more dangerous situations, since most sessions involve a group who can come to the add of a party member who drops or otherwise draw off attackers simply by still being an active combatant.

By contrast, staying in the fight when you're already past zero LIF keeps enemies engaged and makes the character a target. Allies may not even realize how close to death they are, since they're still up and fighting as if they're relatively unharmed. Be wary of characters staying conscious despite grievous injury, as it becomes much, much easier for them to reach negative their LIF score and be gone for good. Staying conscious is a gamble, and should be used with caution.

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