Order of Actions

Most of the time, actions in a given round all take place at roughly the same time. If two characters attack one another, or attack the same target, the only difference in the timing of their attacks is when you mention them in their narrative.

But every once in a while, determining which action happened first will be critical to understanding the outcome of the situation.
So how do we determine the Order of Actions when it matters?

The rule of thumb is to use the PP produced by the 'speed' Stats involved. The most common 'speed' stats are INT (for magical actions) and DEX (for physical actions), though an argument could be made for others (STR when blocking is involved, for instance).

Once you've picked the speed stats involved, simply perform a Trait-vs-Trait ruling with the two and the associated rolls that the characters made for whatever action they were about to perform. Whoever produces the most PP (or has a lower failsby) goes first in that instance.

Again, most of the time the exact order doesn't matter - all the actions are essentially happening at the same time, but if you run across a situation where timing is everything, this method tends to save time and help determine what happened first.

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