Character Employment Sessions

A player may make a request to have you run a gaining employment session for them. These also may be called a "recruitment" session as well. They're almost always player-initiated sessions, and we want to encourage them! Pro-active players are lots of fun to work with.

In this case it is a player looking to get their character a job which could be with a NPC led organization or even a PC one. These sort of sessions are quick things that provide a lot of opportunity for a player and an A/SH to work together to flesh out the character's day to day life.

The numbers end is already pre-determined by the Character Employment system, so they only thing you need to worry about is bringing the NPCs and organization to life. The challenge is bringing this to something fun without turning into a slog it through interview. For it's just as stressful and boring to go through an in-depth harsh interview in a game as it is in real-life.

Planning the session:

    • Check the Wiki. Any organizations will have a defined set of requirements in the wiki to match with the standardized diffs and goals. If they don't, you should check with Setting to fill that information out before you get started.

    • Plan the NPC. Every organization should have information on an NPC that helps run it. Use that NPC or flesh out the NPC as needed. If there isn't create a logical NPC to be the boss. This will be a NPC other A/SH may play in the future and is something required by Setting for every organization - be sure to go into detail! The character needs motivations for having an employee and enough detail someone else can pick up with them later.

    • Set Terms and Conditions Define any rules the NPC may have about employee conduct or shop rules. These are somewhat arbitrary, but often as simple as 'don't talk about the clients', or 'don't leave a candle unattended near the bookcase'.

Session numbers and rules:

    These session have a very specific set of rules and established numbers to ensure that the difficulty is universal for all players in all our settings. There is no need to adjust these numbers for an organization - make the requirements fit to these rules. If ever unsure consult with System and Setting for help.

    There are three ranks to employment, these ranks can be earned by having multiple jobs or or seeking promotions in one. So be sure to pay attention to what the player is asking for in their request when planning the scenario.

    Each rank has its own difficulty and rewards:

      ● Rank 1 - Difficulty: 25 - Rewards: 200 silver to be unlocked each month
      ● Rank 2 - Difficulty: 35 - Rewards: 400 silver to be unlocked each month
      ● Rank 3 - Difficulty: 45 - Rewards: 600 silver to be unlocked each month

    The player has to reach the goal of 200 PP in order to succeed in gaining their employment rank.

    This PP can be earned by demonstrating any relevant skill as well as using social skills. Be sure to use any existing requirements of the organization to help determine what to ask what actions the player should be rolling for.

    Failing an action does have consequences:
    ● A critical failure will reset the PP earned
    ● 3 failures will result in failure of the scene

    Note: If a player does fail an employment scene there is not further affect on the difficulties should they try again in the future. Though it can be allowed to flavor some of the dialogue for a new session.

Running the Session - structure guidelines:

    • Introductions. The PC and NPC meet! If there is no existing description be sure to take the time to describe the shop, you'll be re-using that description later for the location write up.

    • Let the player guide the encounter! Asking for a job is hard, so you may want to give them an opening such as a 'Help Wanted' sign in the window, but otherwise this is the player's show.

    • Interview the character. The NPC is going to have some reasonable questions about who this person is and why they would trust them. This is where using existing organization requirements can be used. Ask - but don't get too technical - interviews in a game shouldn't be as boring as interviews in RL can be.

    • Test the character. This is the important part where there's a chance the character can - without intending it - blow the interview. It should be a reasonable and small test, as simple as a few stat checks, or a demonstration of any skill the character is intending to use. Again keep in mind any existing requirements an organization may have and craft them to fit this scene.

    • If they pass, set the terms. Take notes on this too, you'll need them for the character notes later. These terms include things like the NPC's requirements for the shop, and duties for the PC to fulfill. They may also include pay-scales. These too may also be found on the organization page as well.

Writeup and Rewards:

  • Write up a session report. While this wasn't a group session or even likely to be deeply affecting the world, it's an important change in the character's life to document so other A/SH's can work with the character later.

  • Update the location and organization information in the wiki with any description you added, or additional notes for future A/SH to make use of. Even if it's 'secret' information, if you don't have it written down somewhere then others can't be expected to keep it in mind. Create any NPC you had to use for the session, and update/create the organization page following the guidelines. Be sure to include the base requirements taht shaped your interview, testing of the character and the terms set if successful.

  • Reward the player. Use the above Rank chart to note which rank they had gotten and how much silver they have earned to unlock every month. Also include a basic note on what job/promotion led to the rank.

Ruling the Monthly Employment scenes

In order for a player to get their character paid for their employment they have to do a scene each month to earn their rank rewards.

This scene will follow the same rules as the 'earning silver' type of scene.
Regardless of rank the Difficulty is always 25.
PP requirement per rank:

    ● Rank 1 - 150 PP
    ● Rank 2 - 300 PP
    ● Rank 3 - 450 PP

In addition to the silver this scene will also award rep to the character.
● The default rep will be the organization employing the character (This will be the favored rep in any splitting, and always the first awarded)
● Players can request to split the rep with other groups that would likely association with the organization

A player may opt to have the monthly scene award silver instead:
● They will earn the usual rate based upon the total minus the required for the token.
(IE KJ decides they want some extra silver, they have a rank 2 token. In their scene they earn 378 PP. So their extra would be 78 silver which is 378 - 300)

Other Notes

Multiple Jobs - Reasoning of the Employment Rank Cap

Like in real life, there are only so many hours in a day. The moment a character gets multiple jobs, they are no longer pulling full time at either of them. To reflect that, and to allow characters the freedom to get their income in whatever way suits their RP, we impose a cap on the total number of ranks available to get from employment, regardless of how many jobs you have.

This avoids any gaming of the numbers by just seeking multiple ranks and help prevents players from potentially burying themselves under too much work to earn their rewards, as they have to hit a set amount of PP to unlock their employment reward each month.