Calculating Item Worth

If you're looking to calculate the silver value (AKA cost or worth) of a given item, the guidelines are below.

1. Items with Point Bonuses
Cost is based on the total net bonus of the item.

Point Weighting

  • Bonuses and penalties to Stats are worth 1 point per point of bonus
  • Bonuses and penalties to specific skills are worth .75 points per point of bonus


  • No purchasable item can exceed a net +20 bonus.
  • No individual bonus within an item can exceed +30, regardless of penalties that might balance it out.

Cost Calculation
Add up all weighted bonuses, subtract all weighted penalties, and what remains is your net point value for the item. Any remainder, no matter how small, always rounds up to the nearest whole number. Use that and the scaling multiplier below to calculate the cost:

  • 50s/point for a net bonus of +1 to +5 [50s to 250s]
  • 100s/point for a net bonus of +6 to +10 [600s to 1000s]
  • 200s/point for a net bonus of +11 to +15 [2200s to 3000s]
  • 400s/point for a net bonus of +16 to +20 [6400s to 8000s]

Additional Notes

    Bonuses to skills can only apply to one skill, and apply to all uses of that skill for balance purposes.
    Multiple bonuses/penalties to the same stat or skill do not stack - the highest is the only one that counts

2. Companions and Vehicles
Companions (such as constructs, drones, or trained animals) and vehicles (from motorcycles to galleons) cost 2s per build point used in their creation. Stock companions which use 150 build points thus cost 300s.

3. Items Using PP for Unresisted Effects (Healing Potions etc.)
Items that grant a benefit aren't resisted by the user and thus have no Difficulty associated with them, simply the PP of the effect itself.

These items fall into three rough groups, with costs listed below:

  • One-time use: 5s per PP of effect
  • Daily use: 250s per PP of effect
  • At-will use: 750s per PP of effect

Effects granting Absorption Value (Magical Armor and Shielding)
Magical shielding and similar effects grant an Absorption Value at a rate of 1/7 AV per PP, so an item granting +5 AV actually requires 35 PP to cast (and would thus cost 175s for a one-time use). Such effects have a default duration of one 'scene' (typically a session or combat), just like if they were being cast by a mage at the time.

4. Items with Resisted Effects (Poisons, Detrimental magic etc.)
Poisons and other items that trigger a resisted roll need more than just the PP - they need the difficulty for the opponent to resist.

The PP element follows the same cost model as in #3 above, which assumes 25 is the base difficulty.

If the difficulty of the item is higher than 25, calculate the final cost based on the PP first, and then multiply it by a ratio of [Difficulty / 25]. So a difficulty 40 poison costs 1.6x as much as a difficulty 25 poison if they have the same PP effect (40 / 25 = 1.6). Round up to the nearest silver.

5. Armor Values
Armor is a bit unique, since it's not quite a PP effect or an item bonus. It affects damage in and damage out. All armor has an Absorption Value, which is what its worth and cost are based on:

  • Armor: 50s per point of Absorption Value
  • Shield: 25s per point of Absorption Value

Armor that has an Absorption Value of 5 and an Offense Reduction of 2 is worth 250s. A shield with the same values is worth 125s, because its values only apply when actively blocking.

6. Items without Point Values
There will always be items crafted or awarded that don't grant point bonuses but which still grant a benefit to the wielder. These items are a gut check, and should fall within a 25s to 250s range.

Anything you feel should be worth more than 250s that doesn't have specific numeric effects requires Setting approval, and they may ask the System Department to assign numeric values to it (PP for size of effect, for instance) so that it can be valued by the guidelines listed above.