Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct or in other words, how we like to behave and treat each other on this site, and in Vaxia.

This document defines how players must conduct themselves while on the Vaxia site. It applies to all areas on the site, including the Vaxia and Sirian game worlds, as well as any chat rooms, forums, wiki, artwork libraries, and private messages offered through the site. Activity conducted off-site (such as via email, chat, in-person, etc.) may also be considered a violation of the Vaxia Code of Conduct and grounds for disciplinary action if it is conducted between Vaxia players, and believed to be in response to or an extension of actions conducted on Vaxia. It is a series of guidelines and etiquette that we hope will be followed. All visitors on the site are expected to follow the code of conduct. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, including notations, strikes, temporary suspensions, permanent bans, other corrective action, or worse.

This list is not comprehensive. However this will cover the most obvious points. When in doubt, be considerate of each other, try to use your best judgement, and ask ahead of time. If it would hurt you if someone did the same action, don't do it. If you think that it would harm someone or ruin their fun here, don't do it. If a player asks you not to do something or to stop doing it, please respect that. If you are uncertain whether another player will be upset, ask politely and respect the answer.

Inappropriate behavior includes (but is not limited to):

- Attacking other players (i.e., verbal assault, slander, threats, etc.).

- Harassing other players (unsolicited sexual advances, hounding, gossiping about, etc. whether in or out of character, directed at the player or at the player’s characters without consent IC or OOC, etc).

- Intentionally disrupting sessions OOC.

- Initiating or continuing a role-play session with a player who has stated OOC that they do not wish to participate, regardless of session content.

- ‘Flaming’ or ‘Griefing’ other players.

- Blackmailing or extorting other players.

- Using Private Messages or off-site messages to harm another player.

- Falsely posing as a lead or mediator for any reason.

- Manipulating of others (overt or covert aggression, baiting or goading, guilt-tripping, chase-me behaviors, verbal abuse, or other emotional manipulation techniques).

- Exploiting/cheating the game system/website.

- Defacing the Wiki or any other part of the website.

- Linking to/displaying pornography or other offensive, illegal, or harmful content on site.

- Posting sexually explicit, racist, or excessively violent content in publicly accessible locations, regardless of format.

- Non-compliance to formal requests/instruction from a Lead when they are acting in their role as department lead or as site admin.

- Attempts to access or copy another user’s password, or attempts to access another user’s account.

- Maintaining multiple user accounts without specific authorization by the site administration.

Any other unspecified action that brings undue harm to an individual, or the community, or the web site may also be punishable with a yellow strike or even a red depending on the severity. Any of these actions are grounds for disciplinary action. Not all activities are considered equal transgressions. Disciplinary action may vary based on the severity and frequency of the offense, and will be conducted by the rules documented by the Social Department

If the appropriateness/perceived harm of an action is under dispute, a site Lead is authorized to act immediately based on the perceived situation. If requested by any involved party, the Social Department will review and vote upon the action and determine appropriate disciplinary measures (if any). Strikes for such unspecified actions ought to be voted upon by the Social department, but the Leads don't need to wait for the result of the vote if they feel it is irresponsible to not act quickly. If their decision is then voted down, the outcome will be reversed.

Returning players, please note: We no longer follow the previous Vaxia policy of "negative in private, positive in public”.

See also: The Four Agreements General Guidelines

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