Can I use a character I like from pop culture, like anime or video games?

The short answer is 'no.' Bringing in a copy (or a very close version) of a pop culture character into Vaxia is not allowed for several reasons.

First, there are the legal concerns of taking someone else's intellectual property and playing it like your own. Someone else made that character for a book, movie, show or video game, and you're taking it and using it like it were yours. That's disrespectful to the creators of the original character. It's also unfair to the other players who took the time to develop a unique character concept from the ground up while you are simply trading off the work of someone else.

Second, remember that you're making a starting character. The 'cool' characters and protagonists in almost all games, shows and movies are seasoned adventures (often with plot-appropriate dice luck). Trying to replicate that style or flair in a starting character is often a setup for disappointment when the starting-character numbers don't match up with the epic level of the original character and their performance. Playing someone else's character is often a way to set yourself up to be frustrated later.

Third, simply put, it's not the point of RP here. Playing a character that isn't yours is more of a "what if" scenario than the exploration of a unique character in our Vaxian or Sirian worlds. "What if Wolverine went to Sirian" might be a fun thought experiment, but it's not the kind of rich RP with three-dimensional characters that we strive for.

Our character Evaluators will send back any character that mirrors a pop culture character, and often a total overhaul is required before that character will be acceptable. If they don't recognize the character your character concept is based on, but someone else on the site can demonstrate the parallels later, it may lead to the character being locked until you can make major modifications to ensure it doesn't so closely mirror the pop culture character.

Having a character who is inspired by a popular character, however, is allowed, provided there's enough distance between the two. It's one thing to roll up a smuggler with a dark past and a heart of gold, but calling him Han Solo and giving him an ally who is a great woolly beast is a couple of steps too far. Our evaluators can help you establish how much borrowing is too much.

Just remember that if you're still expecting a more generic character to become that iconic character who inspired them, you're almost certainly going to be disappointed. Instead, treat them like their own character with their own path forward, and you're likely to be a lot happier.

Save yourself the time and effort and work on an original character from the start. If you need any help with ideas, feel free to ask your fellow players any time - we're happy to share ideas and help you come up with someone you find fun to play that is uniquely yours.