Ziekahu is one of the most popular goddesses on the Vaxian Continent especially in Ramsalon She is the daughter of Powainogy and is similar to her mother. The inspiration and preservation of life are her most important goals as is the spread of knowledge. She is then the patron god of many doctors, teachers, and priestly healers. Ziekahu herself never resorts to violence. In the struggles between the gods, she has shown herself to appear on a battle front only to try and stop the needless shedding of life, and even in those times, she does not cause physical harm to anyone. Instead, she relies on her powerful healing and protective magics to defend others.

The powers that Ziekahu grants to her followers are deep insight into life, the powers to heal the ill and injured, an affinity for creating powerful wards of protection, and finally the ability to destroy the greatest perversion of life - the Undead She expects from her followers to preserve life wherever possible. Hurting another being is only acceptable in self-defense or in defense of another life and even then she also dislikes seeing it from her priests.