Realm: vaxia
Titles: none
Race: human
Conditions: none
Apparent Gender: none
Apparent Age:
Real Age:
Economy: 25

Occupation: Journeymen bartender and head waitress, now promoted to Floor Manager.
Description: Black hair, with light hazel eyes and very full, almost pouting lips. Things guys go gaga over... or so they should. Her figure is average, nothing significant to note about her, but what she does have, she knows how to use damn well.

Life: 25
Health: 25
Endurance: 25
Constitution: 25
Strength: 25
Agility: 32.5
Dexterity: 40
Reflexes: 40
Intelligence: 40
Awareness: 35
Spirituality: 30
Presence: 35
Charisma: 40
Appearance: 32.5

Attentive: (35) Veronica is very attentive to the surroundings she is in. Especially at work, where she can tell who needs a refill, when someone is starting to get snippy and things of the like. (AWA skill of sorts)
I'm a Looker: (45) She's a looker and while no Adinah, she does know how to work a crowd and get them into a drink buying frenzy.
Tar Bender!: (40) Knowledge of how to maintain a bar and pour and mix drinks to satisfaction!
Throw Down: (60) She knows how to throw down, literally. If things get hairy and Chris or Muiran aren't around to man handle anyone, they get woman handled. Veronica has the know how of how to grapple people in ways to render them no longer a threat and have them physically escorted out of the building by her hand.
I Remember You...: (30) The ability to remember a name or a face associated with a certain person. This is useful for sniffing out people who try to scam the perks of the JM.

More to come. still working out details. Journeymen head waitress. IC at The Journeymen 8/8/10 and 8/9/10.