Vaxian Empire

Vaxian Empire

The Vaxian Empire used to span most of the Vaxian Continent until the Vaxian year of 3013 when the Shi Inkahan Empire invaded. Currently the Vaxian Empire retains control of their island holdings s in the East Kadrass.

The Empire is led by an Emperor, currently Balcazar For a long time, the Emperor was in a coma, and the First General (at the time, Augustus Razzaine) ran the realm. However, Razzaine vanished, along with the powerful wizard Merguth, and the Emperor woke from his coma. Kire Cordock, the First Commander at the time, became First General, and most of the political power that Razzaine had held went back to Balcazar, with Kire retaining control of the military. Racine Moonsword became First Commander.

Each province is overseen by a Governor, and is sometimes divided into Baronies. Governor Hastings rules Jorkana and Viceroy Ronan rules Argonn, and is also the Admiral of the Iron Navy Baron Drathan and Baroness Louise are technically the Barons of Ramsalon though they currently live in Argonn. After King Merguth of Arpaksad vanished, Emperor Balcazar dispatched Meriadoch, Merguth's only apprentice, to become Governor of Arpaksad.

The Empire maintains an embassy with most foreign nations. Saffron Brax is Ambassador to GHOUL as well as the Sea Elves Merfolk and Nymphs Former Drad Lucky 13 Justin is Ambassador to Shi Inkahan, and Sean 5 Seasons is Ambassador to Candenord.

The Vaxian Empire has the largest army in the world, the Iron Army led by the First Commander. Vaxia's Iron Navy is approximately evenly matched with the navy of Shi Inkahan. Before the invasion of Shi Inkahan, the city of Ramsalon had the City Guard, all in red and yellow, and many Automatons that were manufactured by the former Royal Labs under Orrtek.

At one time, Merguth and Razzaine maintained thirteen Drads elite warriors who were also the line of succession should the Emperor die. The Drads were all freed when Merguth vanished, and Orrtek was tasked with finding a more fitting successor to Balcazar's throne than the half-mad Drads. The Royal Labs and the Royal Forces were, before Razzaine's disappearance, training a new batch of Drads, to fill the role of ridiculously powerful warriors, not leaders. This second batch of Drads were all born roughly in the Vaxian equivalent of 1995, and their training was much less harsh than that of their predecessors.

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