Vaxia Specie Breeding Information and Mixed Species Approval

Mixed breeds and Setting Approval
A character that is a mix of any playable species does not require approval from Setting for play.

Though if a character is a mix of any species that is not a playable species will be required to undergo Setting review for approval. This is to review to make sure the combination is feasible in the setting's theme and tone, and how the background accounts for the resulting character just like our standard for 'Other' in regards to species and approval.
Setting Approval for PCs

Playable Species Breeding
The following is only for breeding that occurs unaided in anyway between the approved list of playable species.
Unless otherwise noted it is possible for species that are not capable of breeding together unaided to produce offspring together through various combinations of magic.

Letai can not reproduce with a member of their own species, they are only able to produce offspring with any other species. Those offspring are full letai. So far there has been no success with two letai being able to reproduce with the assistance of magic.

Faeries do not really breed like other species. They make use of an extensive amount of magic to produce offspring in a various amount of ways. Most often it takes more then one faerie infuse enough magic to produce another faerie, though it is possible for a single faerie to reproduce on its own. A faerie can also use a member of another species as a conduit to draw magical energy from as well, but the resulting offspring is a full faerie even if they have some traits of the non faerie species.

Lurai are capable of producing viable offspring with letai and other lurai.

Elves Dwarves Gnomes Goblins Humans, Orcs and Nethar can produce viable offspring within their own species as well with each other.

The chart to the right provides an at a glance way to see which species can breed unaided in anyway.