Vaxia Humans


  • Lifespan: - 70-150 years
  • Typical Height: - 5'4" - 6'
  • Typical Build: - Varies
  • Distinctive Traits:
  • Where Found: - Everywhere in the world

Humans are the youngest and most prodigious of the mortal beings of the world.

Their advances in civilization in the ways of city building, trade, travel and technology are unequaled, partially due to their power to learn from other cultures and adapt, but than to go further in refining and creating better advances.

Humans comes in all shapes and sizes. The average Vaxian human male is 5'5" in height, the female slightly shorter. Their life spans measure in a matter of decades however, the average being around 70 years. They have skin colors of all shades with hair and eyes to match.

When it comes to cultural traditions, humans vary greatly depending on region and nationality. They adopt many different local styles and societal norms, yet have a profound respect for individually. It must be said as well that because of their quick wits and quick rise to prominence, humans have a streak of over ambition. Humans are quick to want change and tend to find rather short termed solutions to problems rather than seeking long lasting resolutions.

While Dwarves and Gnomes are particularly crafty in their own rights, only humans seek to improve and expand even to things that they have little knowledge on, even in the Realms of creating new magic, religions, trade, and nature itself. This makes them very versatile, though they appear to be childlike to many of the elder races, full of youthful energy and capriciousness, not having the wisdom that passing time has shown to other races.

Humans of Shi Inkahan are shorter, with almond eyes. Humans of Candenord have more variation in height and generally bearded. Even within the continents, there is much variation, with people from far south-eastern Candenord, far south-western Shi Inkahan, and the Iron Desert region of Vaxia being darker-skinned than their neighbors in cooler climates.

Some have claimed that humans are the youngest of the world's races, but this is not true. Humans had a massive world-spanning civilization even before the Cataclysm, while evidence suggests that the Aratay gnomes, Yeeks, and possibly a few others, all arose after that destructive event.