Vaxia Frequently Asked Questions

The Vaxia setting has been around in one form or another for nearly twenty years. There is a lot of information to take in so we understand how daunting navigating the wiki can be. We hope this will answer many of the major questions our players may have and help get you introduced to the setting of Vaxia sooner. If you have a question that you think we should have listed here please let Setting know so we can update this section.

What kind of setting/world is Vaxia?

The setting is a historically themed high fantasy type world set in a time period that is similar a range of the Renaissance to The Age of Discovery. There is magic, fantastical creatures and species, the wonder of exploration and early science, and even some steam punk and magitech elements sprinkled in.

The world of Vaxia itself has three major continents that house a variety of flavor of locations and cultures to choose from for a character, ensuring we have lots of diversity in play to offer.
We do our best to ensure that anyone can see a version of themselves in the world as they like.

Is there magic and how does it work?

Magic is very present and common in the world of Vaxia.
Unlike other games though we do not have a list of spells characters have to use, or even specific spheres/schools characters have to choose from. Rather magic is a theme players can use to connect three aspects into a single skill. There are all sorts of possibilities that this can translate to. For more information on magic refer to: Vaxia Magic

Though magic isn’t a catch all solution to everything. Diseases can become resistant to magic just like they can mundane medicine. Some people or creatures can even become resistant to magic as well. Nor can magic stop the weather (it can be used to take some of the brunt to keep a city from being destroyed, but it takes many mages on hand to perform the ritual to basically create a city sized shield.). Magic makes it possible to do some small scale terraforming, but to try it on a very large scale can (and has) lead to disaster.
Magic can have some high risks if the caster is not careful.

There are also some areas in the world where magic can not be casted or found at all. These zones are known as null magic zones. These zones don’t and cannot be moved. If an object is removed from a null zone, it could have some magic resistance, but the absolute null effect is only present in the area where the object was taken.

What are the major roleplay locations?

While it is possible to roleplay anywhere in the world of Vaxia, the main hub of all roleplay in the Vaxia setting is taking place in the city of Ramsalon and its immediate surroundings.

The city is a bustling port with a river running right through the center and a wall surrounding the city, except along the cliff-side, and the port. It is a massive metropolis sitting on its own peninsula, home to almost a million people, with many of the comforts you might expect of Renaissance-era Europe - inns, shops, banks, hospitals, even indoor plumbing in most areas. The majority of the population are humans, Elves and Half-Elves but you can find all manner of folk walking about. Orcs Goblins and Nethar may draw some troubled looks when spotted in the city due to past conflicts between the old Empire and some of their respective peoples, but they aren't barred entry to the city and many groups are trying to build better relationships to avoid mistakes of the past.

Ramsalon used to be the former capital city of the Vaxian Empire which in 3013 (2013) was overthrown by the Shi Inkahan Empire in a surprise invasion in order to liberate the Vaxian Continent from the old Empire in the Naga Nori War

The Ramsalon Town Guard work to keep the peace, but Ramsalon has an odd quality of attracting stranger-than-average dangers, and often relies on its many adventurers for protection.

North of the city is the Ramsalon Forest which is even more massive than the city, and an untrained traveler is best keeping to the caravan trails to avoid getting lost. Past the forest are the Ramsalon Mountains.

What all has happened in the history of Vaxia?

Alot! Thankfully though we have a timeline that gives a at a glance look at the major events to have happened in Vaxia.
Timeline and Historical Events of Vaxia

What kind of technology exists in Vaxia?

Vaxia is set in a time period similar to our own Age of Discovery and Renassance. Nearly any kind technology that could be found in that time frame anywhere in the world is a possibility, with a couple of exceptions.

There is also a kind of twist to some of the technology levels due to the existence of magic which has also made possible a kind of technology to exist that is similar to really earlier level of steampunk and a kind of magitech of a similar flavor as well.

The presence of magic has also helped with several quality of life technologies. Cities are built with a slightly more advanced infrastructure then at the Renaissance level. Indoor plumbing that is quite sanitary and similar to near modern times and climate control are a couple of examples. Some larger cities will even have structures that are like Renaissance themed skyscrapers, with towers that reach towards the sky in a fantastical fashion, and buildings stacked up to.

Most gunpowder related technology has been kept to the form of just explosives.
Firearm related technology has not evolved past the most primitive levels as such the hand canon or fire lance. This is due to that such weapons have proven a bit impractical with the existence of magic, as a magically imbued bolt or arrow are easy to come by, just as devastating, and much more accurate, without the risks usually involved in firearm manufacturing. So you won’t find any muskets or pistols in the setting.

Clockwork based technology is very possibly through mundane and magical means.

Travel technology exists primarily in the form of ships - water and air, wagons pulled by animals or golems, riding animals, walking, the use of teleportation and portals, or any combination of those. Magic portals have removed the need for developing mass forms of travel across land as there are mages nearly anywhere that can port someone for a small price. For ocean travel ships still remain the best option as portalling takes a lot of energy to make the distance and setting up checkpoints are not as easy out in the open waters as it is over land. There are some ships that are designed to fly in the air, but they take an immense about of magical energy to power for the time being and are rarely seen.

Who are the bad guys?

Evil is what you make of it

The setting of Vaxia does not have a specific evil or bad guy group.

We specifically design our species to not be typecasted into being the permanent ‘bad guy’. There is no everyone that belongs to X species is always evil. Instead it is up to the various factions, groups, and organizations to fill those roles. These organizations are also limited to the regions of which they operate.

It is a matter of perception and this will differ from character to character based upon the ideals and background we give them, and further shaped by the experiences they have in their adventures as you the player see fit to add or take from.

Whom may be a bad guy to your character will be dependent on which view of the world you want to take with them. Even more so if they are going to affiliate with certain organizations, as the known enemies of those groups will in effect be the bad guys for your character.

In short you get to decide whom is going to be the bad guys in the eyes of your character.

You can find a list of organizations/factions/groups here: Vaxia Organizations
Each organization where applicable should have a list of known enemies and allies, and which region(s) they operate in.