• Lifespan: - centuries
  • Typical Height: - 10'-14'
  • Typical Build: - lanky
  • Distinctive Traits: - large, green-skinned, ugly
  • Where Found: - forests, rarer than Ogres
Trolls are large, usually somewhat lanky, humanoid creatures with with a high regeneration rate (though if you want your troll to have regenerative powers, it's not automatic, you must take a regeneration skill). Some classify trolls as Fae, along with fairies, nixies, pixies, Elves etc; others classify them more related to ogres and Giants Others still seem call them a sprout completely of their own. Here are the different types of known trolls.

Common Troll
They stand on average 12 feet high, although a lot of the time hunched over a bit, making them seem a bit shorter then they actually are. Their skin is anywhere from a brownish-grey, to a chartreuse green, and seems pretty leathery with assorted bumbles and dimples all over it, making it seem quite repulsive. Their arms are rather lanky, as is all of their body, almost reaching the ground in their normal, hunched over state. Proportionally, their forearms and hands are especially large. There legs are pretty much the same; lanky with the lower leg (the knee to ankle) being quite large, with large feet as well. Their nails are usually yellow and jagged, and each hand/foot only has three toes/fingers on them.

Their faces are usually thought repulsive by the average human; the skin on it is usually dirty, with the same bumps and dimples as the rest of the body. Their eyes vary a bit, from being completely black, to red, or a dull looking yellow, or grey-green. Their teeth are all sharp, with a pair of especially noticeable ones on the bottom row at the corners of their mouths that are too large for much of anything, except to make them look fiercer. They have a large nose, that sticks out about seven inches in front of their face. Their ears are similar to those of an elf, only larger in proportion, and a little long. The hair on their head is usually frizzy and messy, and vary in color from black, to brown, green, grey, or even red, or any mixing of those colors (ie dark red, or grayish green).

The personality of these trolls can be summed up to this: Greedy. That's right, these trolls will do whatever it takes to gain riches and power. And although they may seem like big stupid creatures, they are actually quite cunning. Whether it be by forcing a toll on some bridge, mugging travelers, or even in some cases killing their own mothers. This self-serving attitude is one reason that common trolls don't wield considerable power as a race. Their constant bickering with each other doesn't lend to the formation of societies or militaries. When a group of trolls does work together they can be a formidable force, but such groups rarely number over a dozen, although there have been exceptions.

Common trolls are found in a variety of habitats but are most commonly found among forested hills and swamps. They think of other types of trolls as bastards of their race. Though such otherly trolls are despised by them, common trolls will sometimes exhibit jealousy of them as well. When they come across another race of trolls, they usually try to capture them for use as slaves. This is most commonly done to the Mountain Trolls, as they are easily fooled and trapped.

Dark Trolls
These Trolls are very mysterious and not much is known about them. As a matter of fact, many people don’t even know of their existence, and many who do, hear it and dismiss it as myth. But in truth these trolls do exist, and dwell in many hidden and dark underground caverns. What happened to them, and this is a fact that only they and their allies know, was that they were sealed away in a large cavern by a very powerful, and long deceased Elven mage named Jerakrosisu Kalandor. For thousands of years these trolls had been sealed away, eating fungi and adapting to their underground dwelling.

Recently, while some Nethar were tunneling, they happened to accidentally run into this place. After all these years, these Dark Trolls hardly had understanding of an outside world, almost dismissing it as legend, as they had been sealed away so long. After an unusual first encounter, the Neth diggers went home and informed their regional matriarch about this discovery. The matriarch had actually heard of these strange Trolls. She remembered reading about them in a book of myths, and at that stage they were quite evil and could prove helpful to the Nethar, despite their (at the time) small numbers. The Matriarch hoped that she could regain these valuable allies to aid them against the surface dwellers.

With the aid of one of her mages, she communicated to them via telepathy. After much talking and negotiation, the Nethar Matriarch sealed a pact with the Dark Trolls. Some of these Dark Trolls, over the many years sealed away, had become surprisingly smart, about equal to Forest Trolls, though the number of these intelligent Dark Trolls was rather small. Also, their shamans had acquired magics involving Necromancy, and other forbidden arts. The Dark Trolls are evil in nature, mean and cruel.

These Trolls stand about 9 feet if walking upright, but they often crouch down a bit, making them seem about 8 feet tall. Their Skin is pitch black, and they have an almost rock-looking texture to their rough skin. On their bodies they usually have many cruel looking Tattoos often done in a crimson red. They have tusks like the Forest Trolls, but instead of the rest of their teeth being flat, they are usually very sharp. Their build is usually pretty large and bulky, unlike the swift looking Forest Trolls. Starting from the large tusk-like bottom teeth of the Dark Trolls, going along the line of the jaw to the back of the neck, down along the spinal cord, and around to the front of the arms, and fingers, are a multitude of black looking jagged spikes. The hair color of these trolls is often a dark black, but it also varies to different grays, dark browns, and dark blues. Their hair is often quite short, if not completely shaved off. Their eyes are often a full grey, with a black dot. These Trolls do have infravision, but do not need it to see fine in the dark. They have the ability to close a film over their eyes, which acts like sun glasses, blocking out bright lights, when they are using them. Dark Trolls often have unusual and somewhat painful looking piercings across their body, and sometimes, many scars. One thing that does stick out on these Trolls is their very large hands, which are disproportionally large.

Their clothing depends on their social status. A person of higher social status will often wear ornate dark gold, crimson, and black clothing, While some of the lowlier classes could just wear a dark green loin cloths made of fungi, which isn't an unusual material for Dark Troll clothing. They seem to have no ears except for holes in the side of their head, and their nose is often much shorter and broader then those of other troll races.

These Trolls often use spears, short swords, and blowdarts. Sometimes, usually only in larger cavernous areas or on the surface, they will wield massive flails with jagged spikes all over the end and chain, which they wrap around their opponents. These are often smothered in a special fungi to really infect the wound it causes. These Trolls usually serve a strong warrior as their king, and are a very war based society. These Dark Trolls often worship the same god that Nethar do. Five Human years is about one Dark Troll year. Their native tongue is a rough and almost frightening one.

Forest Trolls
In days long gone a tribe of trolls in the forest began a breeding program. With kidnapped and enslaved elvenkind they mated and the results were rather surprising. A fairly smart sub-race was created, the Forest Troll. Seen as an abomination by the elves, and as too pretty and weak by the trolls, the early Forest Trolls were run off to the mountains to the east of Keren They live high in these mountains, away from any mountain passes which may be traveled by man and elf. The years have purified the bloodline and the Forest Trolls have become a race of their own, numbering near twenty thousand. Most of them are trained in some form of combat or another, the favored weapon is a pair of thrown axes, followed closely by a standard war axe. The archers in their tribe utilize bows that are often more lengthy then an average human. These bows have become more commonly used now that the Forest Trolls have left the forest of their birth, the large, mountain-dwelling creatures require a large weapon to take down, and the massive bow is just the tool to do it. The forest trolls generally dislike other groups of trolls, seeing them as a lower breed of stupid and generally evil creatures. An especially vicious hatred lays for the Trollbrother Orc Clan due to ancient battles that no one can truly remember. Unlike the majority of tribes in Vaxia, the forest trolls are aligned with good. They desire peace more then war and desire to begin open trade with the civilized nations nearby, including Grom and Ramsalon Forest Trolls are often playful with one another and extend this attitude to anyone that becomes a friend of the tribe. They honor themselves in battle, and often have contests of skill in their chosen fields of combat, especially the throwing of axes to hit targets. Seven human years equals about one troll year, so as you can imagine, it takes a while for a forest troll to become full grown. Forest Trolls often worship Grathjeg Mozz’Teth as their deity, being the Forest Troll God of The forest, fighting, and good. The ruling system of the forest trolls is a monarchy; one king rules the entire tribe. Currently, the king of the forest trolls is Karshuka Setch’Zhan, a strong, relatively young troll only twenty-five years in age. His father was slain by a backstabbing band of Orcs that had offered a trading relationship with the forest trolls, this has done nothing but fuel the hatred the forest elves have for the orcs around them. Karshuka truly hopes that one day very soon his tribe of trolls will be able to openly trade with the lands of Grom and Ramsalon without having to fear racism and prejudice.

The Forest Trolls are excellent craftspeople, having gained their nimble hands from their elven ancestors and their astounding endurance from their troll ancestors. The Forest Trolls have begun mining in their mountain homes and are learning to create wonderful items much like the Dwarves that once worked below the mountains they now dwell in.

Forest Trolls stand on average 9 feet tall. They have a more lean and agile looking build then the common troll but as with all races the size and weight can vary. The Forest Troll is commonly a dark green color, similar to a leaf in the middle of its life, this coloration was originally bred into the race for camouflaging purposes and is now a part of the bloodline. An interesting feature are the elf-like, long ears the Forest Trolls possess, ranging up to eight inches long on a healthy male, sometimes longer on a healthy female. The facial structure of the forest troll is similar to an enlarged elf, with the very obvious exception of orc-like tusks protruding from their lower jaw and a long, more pointed nose. The overall look of the forest troll is like that of a green and plus-sized elf, but with lanky arms that have unusually large fore arms and hands. Due to this similarity with elves in appearance, the forest trolls have been allowed to actually interact on occasion with civilized people groups and in some rare cases a forest troll may actually be considered as good looking to a human or elf. The native tongue of the forest troll is an odd mix of old elven and troll which ends up sounding like an elongated version of elven with a few more grunts and moans thrown in, a very unique language indeed. The naming system of a forest troll is quite simple. The last name is retained through a family, sons inheriting the name of their father, and when married, the female forest troll will take on the last name of her husband, becoming a part of the family both through love and name. The common dress of the forest troll is unusually similar to that of the elves of the world, flowing garments which allow freedom of movement and comfort.

Mountain Trolls
These Trolls are by far the largest and the most unintelligent of all the Troll species. Standing at an average height of 18 feet, they are sometimes mistaken for giants.
Not much goes on in the brain of one of these primitive creatures, though they are capable of leaning language and other things. They usually live in some cave in the mountains they find, and try to kill whatever is in it, being as so stubborn as not to care what they have to do. They have an unusually high rate of mitosis, thus their body regenerates at a rate much faster then your average creature.

They don't really ever wear clothes, but if they do, it is usually a loin cloth of animal hides or something similar, and are usually spotted carrying large wooden or strong clubs, but will use different if they can get their hands on it.

Their skin is quite thick and leathery, and is usually a grayish green color, but dirty most of the time, so one can see some brown and black and the likes in there too. They have only three fingers and toes, and their nails are nasty yellow and jagged.