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Above the Wayward Ho east of the lower side of the Court Of Heroes and south of the Town Green against the river, a tiny community of Shi Inkahani settled creating the district of Shinkantown It was developed after the Darkest Night and the Orc War many when Inkahani political refugees and those that had come to assist in the defeat of Necromos chose to settle in Ramsalon Most of them gathered in a place, taking what real estate they could find that was cheap and somewhat safe. It grew to take up span a small sliver in Wayward Ho, Town Green, and the Court of Heroes. As a gesture of good will, those districts surrendered those slivers of area and allowed the community to create the district of Shinkantown. During the Naga Nori War the southernmost portion of the district collapsed into a sinkhole, into which the river poured.

The smell of incenses and herbs from Shi Inkahan, and the pale light given off by lanterns hanging in tiny shops or nestled by homes of Inkahani create an atmosphere that reminds them of their homes back in Shi Inkahan. It is still a small community, reserved, and cautious, keeping their traditions alive while being apart of the Ramsalon Populace While they accept other citizens into their little neighborhood, there is a sense of mystery as if there is something just beneath the silken veils and incense smoke that they do not share easily with outsiders.

After the end of the Fifth Oni War, the newly crowned Emperors invited back the citizens of Shinkantown with open arms, despite some them having been driven to Shinkantown because of their affiliation with the Kuei Kajan A sizable percentage of the people began to make their way back to the shores of Shi Inkahan.

With the Shi Inkahan Empire now in charge of the city, the little community has become a bit more open. However there have been some backlash as vandalism and tensions between other citizens increased, taunts of them being traitors not all that uncommon. Though time is softening such adverse interactions, it still stains the district.

Jade Garden Restaurant - Shinkatown's most well knowns restuarnt that provides an authentic sample of Inkahani cuisine and wonderful atmosphere.

Manns Tea House RP Chatroom - Has some of the finest collections of tea in the city and a lovely selection of dim sum for a nice relaxing moment.

Schutzren Dojo - A simple dojo that offers a place to learn a variety of fighting styles.

Shi Inkahan Imports RP Chatroom - The largest shop in the district that also has spaces for people of the community to come vendor their own goods outside. It is a one stop place to find just about everything and anything from Shi Inkahan.

Zhihui Wu RP Chatroom - Also known as the house of wisdom, is a quiet garden complex with a few gazebos where one can relax or come study some of the philsophies practiced there.





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