Shanty Town

Historical Reference
Shanty Town was a district of Ramsalon before the Darkest Night

Shanty Town was located at the extreme south-west end of the city, bordered to the south and west by Gauntlet Gulf, to the east by the Crawfang River, and to the north by the districts of Town Green and Wayward Ho

Shanty Town lay at a lower elevation than most of the rest of the city and was prone to occasional flooding.

The poorest individuals (predominantly human) in the city lived in Shanty Town, chiefly in small huts, lean-tos, and other hovels which gave the district its name. Crime was rampant and the Town Guard rarely made any appearances here.

Darkest Night
Shanty Town suffered more destruction during the Darkest Night and more Ramsalonians died here than in any other district, even though it saw relatively little actual fighting.

The Black Oil Plague swept easily through the densely-crowded slums, and the earthquakes collapsed most of the dwellings, and the path of the Crawfang River was redirected through the middle of Shanty Town, drowning many.

After the Darkest Night, most of Shanty Town lay under water, and the southern part of the district had been lifted straight into the air along with the Haven Croft district.
First General Augustus Razzaine paved over the graveyard of Death Row and built tenements there, renaming the area Beth Bow and moving all the surviving slum-dwellers there.

As the south-eastern shore of the city was now fairly sheer cliff, ships would now have to sail around the raised southern half of the former Shanty Town to land in Wayward Ho or the river, so it proved an ideal location for a fortress, so the massive Congreth-Kane Castle was built there.
Part of the northern portion of Shanty Town was resettled by immigrants from Shi Inkahan, who also coöpted some of the Town Green and Court Of Heroes to build Shinkantown The rest of northern Shanty Town was annexed into the Town Green.