Servants Of Kosmos Mercy

Servants Of Kosmo's Mercy

The Servants of Kosmo's Mercy is a church in Iskrania created out of the remnants of the Followers of Light after the war with GHOUL It is led by Bishops Persephone Tussex, Sergei Silversmith, and Prospero.


    The Servants of Kosmo's Mercy retain the old Follower of Light doctrine of Utopia, wherein if all evil in the world is vanquished, then Necromos the Devil, can be defeated, and Kosmo will return to the world. He will then fish all the righteous out of the Shadow Realm and rule over the world, where everything will be perfect and the righteous would live forever.

    This is no longer to be achieved through military victories, however. Instead, it will be achieved by good works and proselytizing, with perhaps a dash of allowing evil to destroy itself due to its own self-destructive nature.

    Kosmo's Laws
    The Servants of Kosmo's Mercy believe that anyone who lives by Kosmo's Laws and repents of their sins will be saved and would get to live in Utopia forever, once it was achieved. This includes people who do not even acknowledge Kosmo, as the point was to vanquish all evil, not all disagreement. Kosmo's Laws, as put forth by the SoKM, dictated that one must not practice evil or allow evil to be practiced upon you. The list of evils is trimmed down significantly from that of the FoL, and includes

    • murder
    • sex out of wedlock, rape, prostitution
    • gambling, combat for sport
    • torture, cruel & unusual punishment
    • slavery

      Certain magics, such as

      • necromancy and the related disciplines of animancy and blood magic
      • mind magic
      • chronomancy
      • shadow magic
      • chaos magic
      • biomancy, metamorphomancy, and shape-changing

    Treaty Requirements
    The terms of the treaty that ended the war with GHOUL and created the Servants of Kosmo's Mercy specified that the doctrine of the SoKM must explicitly state that Vampires werewolves, Orcs Nethar and other races or cursed individuals are not intrinsically evil and are eligible for Utopia, and that people should be judged on the basis of their actions and the content of their character, not their race or any afflictions they might suffer from.

    Moreover, the new dogma bars the Church from making war on anyone, except in reactive (ie, not preemptive) self-defense. The SoKM also make it explicit that alcoholic beverages are not evil, even magical alcoholic beverages, and the SoKM will not interfere in any way with the distribution or consumption of Gwyne or any Gwyne-related products in Iskrania or anywhere else.





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