Ruling Council of GHOUL

Ruling Council of GHOUL

  • Status of Organization - Active
  • Active Membership - 11
  • Where Based and Areas of Influence - GHOUL and GHOUL territories
  • Leadership - Regent Lilyanne and 10 Apostles.
  • Distinguishing Marks -
  • Known Enemies - Vaxian Empire
  • Known Allies - Shi Inkahan Empire
  • History

    In his time Gaunth was the sole ruler of GHOUL, though he soon formed his own inner circle of people he came to rely on for advice and help in managing the needs of GHOUL and its people.

    As GHOUL grew, his dependency on his inncer circle also grew, until finally he formed the first incarnation of the Apostles, a council of people of whom GHOUL could depend on.

    Then in his last days Gaunth had formalized the position of the Apostles into the official Council to rule GHOUL in his place.

    However a child named Anne, born in quite peculiar circumstance, had part of Gaunth's essence infused into her being which the Council at the time naming her officially Gaunth's hier to the royalty of GHOUL. Though she is still very young and is not able to rule. For now her mother, Lilyanne, is acting Regent holding that seat on the Council.

  • Organization structure

    The number of seats can vary, depending on the ruling royalty at the time.

    There are three ranks to the council:

    The Royalty - they are considered to be the true figurehead of the Council. To be considered a member of Royalty one must have some essence of Gaunth in their being.

    Apostles - Directly appointed by the royalty. They are considered to be the royalty's closest and most trusted advisers. Each member has some expertise of which they can officiate on their own - acting on behalf of the Queen until she can officially rule.

    Representatives - Can be appointed by Apostles or Royalty. These members act as the voice of the people to the council, often community leaders or liaisons appointed to keep the council informed of communities and ensure those communities have a vote in the council.

    The Current Council

      The Royal
        Queen Anne had part of Gaunth's essence infused and is considered his reincarnation in GHOUL. Once of age will take over as Queen of GHOUL. Queen Regent Lilyanne - Mother of Queen Anne, with Gaunth gone she has assumed the governing role for the royal family of GHOUL under Queen Anne comes of age.


        Gabras Hul-Zur - Vulture Clan Orc, leader of the Orcs in charge of building and labour
        Urzu Orben - Werewolf, leader of the werewolves and the militia
        Ozu - Dachairo vampire, leader of the Dachairo and the Dachairo Hospital
        Dmitri Halibutsquid - Tsefardal leader of the Tsefardal, in charge of the docks and the ships
        Benedict Maliö - Nethar Lord of Paras'kezrai, which he considers to be more of a suburb of GHOUL than actually part of it

      Members of the Ruling Council of GHOUL who are not Apostles are referred to just as Council-members.


    Other Apostles Of Gaunth
    These individuals are Apostles of Gaunth but are not considered members of the Ruling Council.
      Grimoir - Mysterious ghostly person. Officially an Apostle, sometimes hangs around in Council meetings, says very little, usually doesn't vote
      Tomogi - Lom Gunji vampire, mysteriously disappeared somewhere in Shi Inkahan

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      How to leave (if you can)
      How to get kicked out and any punishments incurred

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