Resort District

The Resort District is broken into two halves, one half is on the east side of the river mouth, the other is on the west side. To the east we have the Bay View Hotel and the Beachside Bungalows, and to the west we have The Vaxian Hotel and The Wyndham Gardens Hotel. A ferry regularly runs across the mouth of the river as well as a connecting bridge that leads from near the Naval Yard across the river to the Port District

Bay View Hotel

The Bay View Hotel is a smaller style of hotel located across the river from the main Resort District of Ish Lavin This provides the hotel with the advantage of exclusivity and the promise of a more secure, less dangerous stay. For those that visit only to relax on the beach and enjoy their time away from their regular lives this hotel is a great choice both in location and in cost.

The Beach

Simply called The Beach by most citizens of Ish Lavin this area is the most well groomed, well kept sandy stretch on the entire continent. Maintained by a mutual collective from all the various hotels and beachfront establishments there is no shortage of funds to beautify and maintain a secure, safe environment for visitors to the city.

Beachside Bungalows

The Beachside Bungalows are a unique vacationing experience even for Ish Lavin. Each bungalow is built to house between one and four people and has a private patio and small, fresh water pool just outside the bungalow. Each bungalow is in its own little clearing amongst a transplanted forest above the beach on a sturdy bluff. A large path leads from the Bungalow grounds down to a private area of the beach.

The Vaxian Hotel

A massive hotel with nearly four hundred rooms in four separate buildings, it was the first and most grand of the buildings constructed here in Ish Lavin. Nobles from visiting lands and other vacationers stay here in the lap of luxury. A large restaurant and bar area takes up a majority of the lower floor and is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Hotel lays right on the beach allowing for a beautiful view as well as easy access to the refreshing ocean waves.

Wyndham Gardens Hotel

Before the fall of Wyndham this hotel was built and given a name. Various attempts to change the name over the years have failed, the owners of the hotel saying that it is important to keep even dark parts of history on the mind, otherwise one may forget past lessons learned. The hotel is the second most popular in Ish Lavin, some of that perhaps due to the infamous name attached with it.





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