Ramsalon Visual Artists

Ramsalon's visual artists - ie those that work in ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, and architecture

Status of Organization: General Reputation Group
Active Membership: At least a few thousand
Where Based and Areas of Influence: Ramsalon and the immediate surrounding area.
Leadership: None - as a general reputation group this is a reflection of a section of the population of the area that is involved in the visual arts or enjoy keeping up with such information instead of a formally organized group.

Ramsalon's visual artists is for general reputation for the part of the Ramsalon population that is into the visual arts, be it being a performer or just really enjoys that scene and finds ways to be involved with the visual artists.

Earning reputation with this group reflects a character's influence on the visual art scene in Ramsalon. This can be done by being a visual artist and work on sharing and promoting their art, or working with a visual artist to promote their work and the artist and helping them out where they can.

To enter the scene there are no other requirements then being a visual artist, or someone helping one, in essence taking an interest in the scene and work on earning reputation within the population group.

A character can leave the scene at any time by stopping any action to earn reputation with the group.

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