Ramsalon Town Guard

The Town Guard

  • Membership Base: Between 800-1000
  • Based: Ramsalon
  • Leadership: Shi Inkahan Military provides all oversight. Formerly, they reported to the Major.
  • Distinguishing symbol: The Ramsalon Flag.

A brief view:

The Ramsalon Town Guard is responsible for peace keeping actions within the city of Ramsalon. Consisting of several hundred men and women, the Town Guard work every day to protect the citizens of Ramsalon from the criminal threats within the city.

With a number of barracks locations around the city the Town Guard has an excellent response time, of somewhere between six and ten minutes, depending on how quickly the alert is given. Of course, proximity of a guard is often an issue as well.

With the Automatons gone, they rely on old fashioned tactics of interviews, divination, collecting evidence and stakeouts when needed, among other efforts.

When you hear and feel the marching of the Town Guard coming down the street remember they are here to protect you, they risk their lives to keep yours safe and free.

After the events of the Shi Inkahan invasion, the Town Guard reports directly to the Shi Inkahan Military force. Also, as the Inkahanese are in charge now, most every guard has been demoted a ranking and that ranking has been taken by a SI member.

Guard typically patrol in groups of two, but if there are three or more, the lead officer is a member of the SI military.

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