Ramsalon Fashion

Status of Organization: General Reputation Group
Active Membership: At least a few thousand
Where Based and Areas of Influence: Ramsalon and immediate area
Leadership: None - as a general reputation group this is a reflection of a section of the population of the area that is involved in fashion, creating fashion and textiles, or enjoy keeping up with such information instead of a formally organized group.

Ramsalon Fashion is for General Reputation for the part of the Ramsalon population that is into the trends of styles of clothing, ornaments and textiles, as well as the creation of styles of clothing and textiles.

Earning reputation with this group reflects a characters influence on the fashion scene through either creating styles of clothing, textiles, or help promoting certain fashion trends.

To earn reputation a character can craft clothing, or ornaments to be worn. Characters can also earn reputation by helping promote styles of clothing , or working with their favored tailors, seamstresses, jewelry makers in order to promote their crafting.

To enter the scene there are no requirements other then taking an interest in trying to earn the reputation.

A character can leave the scene at any time by simply stopping any activity to earn them reputation with this group.

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