Ramsalon Druid Circle

The druid circle of the Ramsalon region on the Vaxian Continent

  • Status of Organization: Active
  • Active Membership: - 13
  • Where Based and Areas of Influence: Ramsalon Forest Ramsalon Mountains
  • Leadership: Animus the Archdruid
  • Legal Status: They are in good legal standing with their neighbors.
  • Distinguishing Marks: None readily visible; the Circle knows its own and is rather closed off to outsiders
  • Known Enemies: The Blaze; Mizrahim
  • Known Allies: Ramsalon Wood Clan , Elven Alliance , Ramsalon Forest Lurai and Aratay

    The Ramsalon Druid Circle are a group of Druids who preserve and protect the Ramsalon Forest and Mountains. The Arch Druid Animus leads the Circle. The other Circle members are considered High Druids. Druids of the forest who are not actively a member of the Circle are considered Forest Guardians, a role not necessarily limited to those who would call themselves druids but instead open to any interested party dedicated to the protection and preservation of the forest and its inhabitants.

    Currently Known High Druids:

    • Founding origin: Historical texts point to the accidental discovery of a strangely runed obelisk, set in an utterly peaceful clearing in what is now known as the Ramsalon Forest. The person who stumbled upon it later admitted to feeling a strange calling, whereby they spent time among the woods and becoming attuned to the nature around them. Thus, the first of the Ramsalon druids came about. Many others, over the millenia, have similarly felt pulled toward the Obelisk, either already having, or attaining, some significant natural affinity, whether it is nature magic, shapeshifting, or command of the regional elements. Those who are granted access to the Obelisk, though surprisingly not recorded, seem to enjoy an extended lifespan in exchange for their service to protect the Forest against those who would cut or burn it.

    • Organization structure: One Arch Druid, with twelve High Druids spanning the region's forest and mountains, above and below ground. Each Druid takes responsibility for a particular aspect, such as the animals or plants, within their area. There are also those called Forest Guardians, whom are not full fledged members, but have shown promise and potential to possibly rise to the ranks should there be a need. They often work with the circle should the situation arise.

    • Current projects / Interests: The Circle is currently concerned with gradually and naturally healing what parts of the forest the Blaze had managed to affect in his campaign against the Wood Clan. There are also efforts to rehabilitate the Elrune that were rescued from Mizrahim, ensuring they return to their natural order without upsetting the overall balance. As such, they may be hard to contact or find, and accordingly, they may be a little more protective and guarded than before.

    • Membership related information:
      • How to join: With their generally long life-spans, the Druid Circle is currently not seeking new full members; should the time come, one whose respect for and prowess within the ecosystem of the Ramsalon Forest and Mountains may be pulled toward the Obelisk, where they will face several trials and tests before being accepted into the Circle as a full partner. On the other hand, Forest Guardians may be chosen from among those whose actions, skills, and interests align with the Circle's own.

      • Any benefits of membership: Relative ease of passage throughout the forest and mountains; access or ability to see paths, trails, and areas otherwise unfound by those not welcome by the forest.

      • How to maintain membership and obligations: Actively care for the forest - its trees, plants, and animals; protect them from invasion and destruction; act responsibly when within the forest and mountains.

      • How to leave (if you can): Moving away from the Ramsalon peninsula; forming a mutual disagreement with the views or interests of the Circle, so long as it doesn't come in direct conflict with them. One will lose access to their benefits, but may be remembered kindly to where forest and mountain travel will not be made more difficult.

      • How to get kicked out and any punishments incurred: Aiding and abetting known enemies of the Circle; needless and/or malicious harm to animals, plants, and trees; attacking any of the thirteen. Any of these will get your status as either a member of the Circle or a Forest Guardian completely and permanently revoked. Retaliation may be swift, depending on the severity, but one can expect to feel a sense of unease and being watched whenever among the Circle's areas of influence.
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