The name Ramsalon means literally "Dragon's Nest", although Dragons have not been seen there for many centuries.

The territory of Ramsalon includes Ramsalon which is the city on the southern tip of the Northern Peninsula, Andular a small mining town and operations center in the mountains, part of the Ramsalon Forest and sections of the Ramsalon Mountains, and the Gauntlet Coastal Asylum

  • Geographical Location: Southern tip of the Northern Peninsula of the continent of Vaxia. It is bordered to the north by the Ramsalon Forest and Mountains, to the north east are some farmlands, the Crawfang River branches off the Habrin River and runs right through the middle of the city dividing it into two. The south eastern section of the city sits up on cliffs, making it higher then the rest of the city.

  • Climate: Winters are long, snow fall is great, and much of the land and water get icy. Often it can get cold enough for the Crawfang river to be filled with an icy slush, same with the waters around its ports. Parts of the mountains will retain snow and ice year round. Summers do not get very hot and are often stormy with rains coming from the oceans and the occasional hurricane. The area experiences Spring and Fall but those seasons are fairly short and blend into the other seasons with hardly a notice.

  • Governance: Shi Inkahan Empire Ramsalon Laws and Criminal Justice System
  • Population size: A couple millionish (metropolis)
  • Notable Landmarks: Kanestronia Cathedral
  • Major Events: Darkest Night The Second Orc War Naga Nori War

Nearby Townships:


    The Black City of Ramsalon has stood in place since the days of the first Emperor, Kane Foraiya, who founded it shortly after the Cataclysm. He did not set the first stone, however. Kanestronia Cathedral was there first. But all the same, the throne has been sitting there for millennia, and with command of land and sea around it, the so called Iron Empire, the Black Empire of Vaxia, had conquered pretty much everything in sight - until the Darkest Night.

    Darkest Night year: 2998
    The Darkest Night was one of the largest invasions Ramsalon ever saw. The Black Oil Plague, the armies of Westgrom, the Whirler's mechanical golems, Zombies Necromos earthquakes, floods, and sinkholes all struck at the same time, devastating the city and killing untold thousands.

    The landscape of the city was change drastically as the quakes caused the south east section of the land to rise up on cliffs which caused the Craw Fang river's flow was diverted more westward which caused flooding of some sections of the city.

    Fear and paranoia took hold of those ruling the city, setting into motion some restricting laws. Huge fortifying walls were built around the city, Congreth Kane Castle was built on the new risen bluff in south east end where Shanty Town once was, over looking the gulf and city. The Automatons were created from the remains of Whirler's mechanical golems to help police the population.

    The Second Orc War year: 3002
    Four years after the Darkest Night devastated Ramsalon, Necromos attempted to attack the Vaxian Empire once more by disrupting the tournament and opening a portal to let his forces flood the city. His efforts were thwarted by heros of the city. Then First General and acting Emperor Razzine lead the Iron Army to retaliate against Necromos for the attack and to put a stop to him once and for all. Their forces were bolstered by some of the empire's allies of the time the wood clan, groups from Shi Inkahan and Candenord that recognized the threat Necromos posed to the world, and many others that resided near Ramsalon and had been affected by the continuous assaults and wanted to end it. The forces marched straight to Meribor and faced Necromo's gathered army that consisted of groups of Orcs Nethar and Undead that he had rallied to his side one way or another.

    Both sides were loosing many to what would seem to be an endless conflict, as for each one of Necromos's forces was kille he would just raise them once more as an undead. However Necromo's soon became exhausted as some heroes took the fight right to him and he was forced to flee. In his absence his forces became scattered and the Iron Army slaughtered what they could get their hands on and razed the very land of Meribor in their vengeance. Which set the tone for later tensions and conflicts with other Nethar and Orc groups that had no connection to Necromos, and a time of fear and paranoia for the city of Ramsalon.

    This was the height of a kind of tyranny in the city as a registration act was imposed on the people of Ramsalon where certain magics and species were deemed dangerous and demonized and had to be found out in order to protect the city and empire. Anyone that fell into those categories has to surrender to a very invasion mind scan to determine just how much of a threat they were, should they survive and prove they would not turn against the empire they were forced to carry around an enchanted card that allowed them to be tracked at all times. GHOUL was founded and built over the ashes of Ghuungador as there was those that sought to flee the oppression taking hold in Ramsalon. However the Emperor twisted it into an opportunity for his own agenda and stronged armed GHOUL to work with the empire, giving them a place to send anyone he thought was trouble to purify his city and allowing better enforcement of the registration act. Later Victory City was founded as valuable resources were discovered and Ramsalon would send its caught criminals to work the mines making it a prison camp.

    Naga Nori War year: 3013
    The battle in Ramsalon was one of the last strikes during the war between the Shi Inkahan and Vaxian Empires. It took place over a week and left not only some drastic political changes as the Shi Inkahan Empire ousted the Vaxian Empire effectively taking control over their territories on the continent, but also the battle itself was devastating to the city. Several parts of the wall had been destroyed by both sides. The automatons caused havoc on the populace as the Shi Inkahan forces protected themselves from their aura reading abilities. The Royal Labs unleashed several horrors right into the city with little care of the people caught in-between. The Vaxian Empire resorted to burning down entire sections of communities to try and smoke out the Inkahani's. Lastly the contingencies of those working for the Vaxian' Empire to try and take back the city meant to completely wreck it as several explosions tore through the city destroying much of it. A sinkhole swallowed a couple of blocks of Shinkatown, Congreth Kane Castle burned to the ground and then later collapsed into a crater as the secret Royal Labs facility under it self destructed. Though the people and the Inkahani's held out and survived, which resulted in the Vaxian Empire being banished to the Argonn Arpeggio.

    Once the dust settle the Shi Inkahan began making efforts to repair Ramsalon, keeping the city as its base of operations for their newly acquired Vaxia continent territories. While much of the city has been repair, it still bears its scars as even more so as relations between the Shi Inkahan Empire and the people of Ramsalon get tested now and then.

Population and Society

While Ramsalon has historically been a city founded by humans, its population is one of the most diverse in all the continent. Nearly every species walks its roads presently, though there are some tensions between some groups as past conflicts and attitudes still are present. Nethar and Orcs tend to get a lot of looks as the city had been ransacked by groups of those species that were once in league with Necromos. The paranoid tendencies of the last Vaxian Empire ruler left a taste of distrust of anything they did not know and small pockets of the population continue those trends. In many areas of the city there are many examples of culture blending due to the many immigrants that do come to Ramsalon, as well as the extensive trade businesses that export items from around the world.

The society of the city has a hierarchy of social status based off of primarily wealth, and it is even reflected in the zoning of the city's districts.

The nobility of the city are simply the richest of the population. Historically these nobles never had any real influence in the governing of the people as the Vaxian Emperor's power and authority was absolute. Had any noble attempted to challenge the government they would soon find their property and wealth seized. This made for a very delicate relationship between the nobility and its government, and is the source of much tension between the nobles and the rest of the population. As the rest of the citizens perceived their nobility as simply catering to the whims of the government. A few nobles did try without getting too much attention from the government to improve what they could when they could. For those that dig enough there are stories of a handful of nobles that did attempt to start amassing some sort of military power as a move to try and get some kind of influence, only to end up dead.

Though with now with the Shi Inkahan Empire in place, what remaining nobility are trying to get into the political game especially as there are nobility from Shi Inkahan immigrating to Ramsalon and other newly acquired territories to see what opportunities there are. Which has started to cause even more strain on the relationship of the people to the nobility of Ramsalon.

Layout and Navigation

The city is divided up into effectively nine districts:

  • Haven Croft RP Chatroom is the south east district, just north of the crater that was the Congreth Kane Castle. It is considered the richest district as much of the population that resides there are in the upper crust of wealth and nobility. Here one can find all the largest manor houses, Kanestronia Cathedral, the White Rose University the ruins of the Barracks, the Mage and Mortaries Guilds, the Green Grape Inn and a good cliff-side view of the ocean.
      Shops, Taverns, Landmarks
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      Marble and Mineral Bath House and Spa RP Chatroom - The city's largest and extravagant public bath house and spa. One can find private bath stalls or use the communal bath areas and can order a variety of luxurious spa pamperings.

      Beautiful By Nature Jewelry RP Chatroom - A small jewelry shop that is attached to the Green Grape Inn next door.

      Green Grape Inn RP Chatroom - One of the semi-upscale Inns in the city. It is a two story building and is covered inside and out in an assortment of flowers and plants. There is a stage with a dance hall to the side of the main bar and dining area. On the second floor is where some spacious guest rooms can be found. It also has a very lovely Garden and Bath where one can go to relax among the exotic plants and flowers or take a private hot bath.

      Kanestronia Cathedral RP Chatroom - One of the few intact relics from the Namori Civilization Very little of the Cathedral is accessible to the public as the Shi Inkahan Empire use it as the home for their Empress and Emperor when they are in the city, as well as base of operations for their personal staff and high ranking officials to conduct business and meetings. It is heavily guarded and well protected and warded for any kind of attack.

      Mage Guild Hall RP Chatroom - The home and base of operations of the Mage Guild in Ramsalon. They have rooms for their members that need one, libraries with levels public and member use, safe training areas for magic users.

      Sweet Eats Cafe RP Chatroom - A small cafe along the road that serves a range of teas, coffees, pastries and sandwiches.

      Traders Hall - The base of operations of the Merchant's Association

      White Rose University RP Chatroom - An institute of higher learning in all matter of subjects. They have an extensive Library that is completely open to the public as well.

      Ramsalon Guard Barracks - Recently rebuilt after Congreth Kane Castle caved in taking part of the barracks with it. The second base of operations for the Ramsalon Guard and prime base for the Inkahani Military ranks that remain.

      The Marble Goddess RP Chatroom - A lovely and high class restaurant. It has gained popularity by giving an upscale dining experience within a more affordable and comfortable range then most other extremely upscale restaurants and inns. It can be found right along the Royal Road Main Street in the western area of Haven Croft

      Winter Garden Estate - Nestled away among the various mansions of Haven Croft, the estate is the former site of the Shi Inkahan Embassy now turned into a upscale and luxurious guest house for high profile visiting emissaries and dignitaries.

  • Common Flats District RP Chatroom is the north east district, right above Haven Croft and is home to most of the middle class and a few upper-middle class with even some lower end nobility living on the border to Haven Croft. It is the closest thing to suburbs that Ramsalon has as the Common Flats used to be outside the walls of Ramsalon, but after driving out the orcs, and the Darkest Night, the walls of Ramsalon were expanded to include this district. In times of crisis the farmlands evacuate into this district bringing what resources they can for safety.
      Shops, Taverns, Landmarks
  • Congreth Kane Crater (formerly Congreth Kane Castle) is the southern most tip of the city and is a giant sink hole where Congreth Kane Castle used to stand. Before the Darkest Night this area was originally slums, known as Shanty Town, separated from Haven Croft by the Crawfang River. Though the earthquakes of the Darkest Night caused the south end of to rise up on cliffs, the river shifted its course north-westward and flooded that section of Shanty Town and divided what remained of Shanty Town from the Wayward Ho The remaining slums were relocated to the Beth Bow district and then Congreth Kane Castle was built on the bluff in its place. The mighty fortress used to guard the approach of Ramsalon from the ocean, as well as providing a safe retreat for the citizens should the city be invaded. It used to home to many lavish estates that the richest of Ramsalon have built to live in, or treat as business retreats. Though at the end of the Naga Nori War the castle was left to burn to the ground and then the smoldering remains of the castle collapsed into the cavern left by the Royal Labs facility that self destructed under it. Currently this area is off limits to anyone as it is still unstable and hazardous as there are many extremely dangerous things lurking in the hole.

  • Beth Bow is located in the north central part of Ramsalon, just east of the Crawfang River and Common Flats. Much of it is considered to the poorest district in all of Ramsalon, as many of its poor and displaced citizens get relocated there to try and rebuild. Part of this district was originally the city's graveyard, known as Death Row. After the dead rose up during the Darkest Night, Razzaine had the graveyard, along with some of the surrounding area, effectively paved over and replaced with tenement housing for the city's poorest citizens, relocated from Shanty Town. The NRD Clinic now operates as a free clinic and hospice for the poor and destitute, offering basic food and medical treatment to those in need. The district is divided into four housing blocks all around the Park Of Hope Near the Kane Coliseum is the courtyard that holds the Victory Portal which is the permanent portal for travel between Ramsalon and GHOUL/VC.
      Shops, Taverns, Landmarks
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      Park Of Hope RP Chatroom - The park is the centerpiece to the Beth Bow district, the first place developed to inspire hope and renewel after the Darkest Night.

      New Beginnings - A halfway house and soup kitchen located in the east area of the Park of Hope. It offers a temporary shelter and means for residents to train and learn new skills to help get a new start.

      Kane Coliseum RP Chatroom - A grand arena coliseum at the edge of the south part of the park. Also acts as a museum gallery to celebrate Ramsalon's many heroes and warriors.

      Beth Bow Crypts RP Chatroom - The only part of the original Death Row graveyard to not have been developed into housing. Mostly crypts remain to house urns of the deceased to rest within the city.

      Beth Bow Junkyard RP Chatroom - Growing since development began in Beth Bow, it has become a scavengers paradise within the walls of the city tucked away in the east block.

      Crescent Moon Theatre RP Chatroom - Located in the north block it is an impressive theater with shows every friday free to the public.

      Beth Bow Guard House - Located in the north block, it is one of the main stations for the Ramsalon Guard and jail.

      Dry Bones RP Chatroom - A hole in the wall joint located in the north block near the guard house. A bit rough as many guards and soldiers go there to blow off steam and relax.

      Pero Derilias Gradeschool - A large public school built in the east housing block to provide children with a chance to get an education in a varity subjects.

      Crawfang Tavern - Located in the heart of the east block slums, a basic bar with a simple menu and rough and shady patrons.

      River's Run RP Chatroom - Somewhere in the east block, hard to find, even rougher then the Crawfang, and known to many smugglers as a prime location along the river.

      Louise Vixan Hospital RP Chatroom - In the heart of the west housing block, the large and sturdy hospiltal provides medical and hospice services to the citizens of Ramsalon.

  • Court Of Heroes is in the northwest area, west to the Beth Bow, east of Wayward Ho, and north of Shinkantown and the Town Green Its community is somewhat eclectic. There are a few middle class residences though much commerce, shops, taverns, inns, places for entertainment, and the temple to Ziekahu the city's most popular deity, can be found in this district. This is also where the main city gates can be found and the largest public stables.
      Shops, Taverns, Landmarks
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      The Last Chance RP Chatroom - It is very hard to miss even though it is not the tallest building in the city. It is a lovely gothic and antiquated style of building design with balconies and ivy framing its sides. Within its grand walls is a casino that caters to all levels of gamblers, alcohol selections from around the world, excellent food, and a dedication to the fine arts with a loaded art gallery, library and observatory, and a grand ballroom.

      The Copper Fox Gambling Hall - One of the older gambling halls in the city. Its a decent sized building with a fair assortment of games to be found within its walls, though much of it is dedicated to card games and tends to draw a much rougher crowd then The Last Chance

      Court of Heroes Guardhouse - Formerly the base of operations for Ramsalon's Elite Guard, it has now been turned into the secondary base for select ranks of the Shi Inkahan military that are staying in Ramsalon and integrating into the city guard.

      Natures Boutique - Since being founded the shop has helped connect pets with owners. They also sell pet supplies from feeding needs, to habitat needs, to pet toys.

      Brotherhood Of Arms Hall RP Chatroom - Base of operations for the mercenary company the Brotherhood of Arms.

      Illuminated Words Scribe Shop RP Chatroom - One of Ramsalon's finest scribe shops to get supplies to any kind of scribe work done.

      Assina's Tailoring Shop RP Chatroom - A quaint tailor shop where one may find all sorts of wonderful and fashionable dresses. They also take custom orders.

      A Stitch and Seam Tailors - A small tailor shop that specializes in more artistic style of design of suits and dresses, not really following any trend. If looking for something a bit different, this is the place to go.

      The Cavum RP Chatroom - It is a well known business in Ramsalon where fighters of all times can participate in all styles of sanctioned fighting. Betting on the fights is highly encouraged. While people from all walks of life patron the place, The Cavum does attract a certain type, with many being a bit rougher.

      Nightshade Nightclub - An exciting place to find some entertainment and socializing especially in the later hours of the day. Rather popular with some of the more well off citizens of the city, and curious rumors make it all the more enticing.

      The Journeymen RP Chatroom - A cozy, family atmosphere kind of ale house that prides itself in its cuisine.

      The Ramsalon Rest RP Chatroom - One of the first taverns and inns seen upon entering the city. It has something for most of everyone and has a homey kind of feel. Is in about the mid range of prices.

      Travelers Haven - A small boarding house and restaurant.

      Ziekahu Temple RP Chatroom - One of the larger buildings in the district, it is an impressive temple dedicated to the deity Ziekahu. The temple also offers shelter services, soup kitchen services, and whatever other aide the priests and priestesses can manage for the people of Ramsalon.

  • Town Green is in the center of Ramsalon, west of the river and Haven Croft, and bordered by the Beth Bow, Court Of Heroes to the north and Shinkantown in the south. It is considered the business center of the city, as many stand alone shops make it easy for traders to come in and hock their wares. There is very little pure residential housing, though many inns have rooms for rent, as do some shops.
      Shops, Taverns, Landmarks
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      Bank Of Ramsalon RP Chatroom - The largest banking institution within the city. Well guarded and secure to provide a place to connect with investments or stash some valuables.

      Bards Inn RP Chatroom - One of Ramsalon's more well known inns for its service and the adventures it has been the center of. It is cozy, with good rooms, good food, and some of the largest variety of the best performing entertainment to be found in Ramsalon on its stage.

      Blackhawks Outfitters - A general store, selling all sorts of supplies and goodies.

      Dragons Claw Pub RP Chatroom - A middle class range pub, decent Food and Drink often favored by the locals as a low key and quiet place to enjoy a meal away from travelers and tourists.

      Emil Barak - A large and decorative tower nestled in the Town Green. Once a grim and dark thing that would intimdate many, it is now covered in all kinds of faerie gardens as this has become Ramsalon's faerie sanctuary, with a tavern ran by the fae to be found within.

      Lavendar and Thyme Herbalist Shop - A cute little herb and potion shop tucked between the Grand Park and Town Green.

      Imperia Archery - A one stop shop for any archer's needs.

      Natures Remedies - One of the most well known herb and potion shop in Ramsalon. Mostly deals in medicinal herbs and concotions.

      Ramsalon Hospital RP Chatroom - The largest hospital in the city where one that needs any kind of medical help can head to get it.

      Ruins of Ramsalon Municiple Forges - The ruins have been cleaned up a little, but they remained unclaimed and right in front of them sits a large stone slab that reads: "Never forget the act of dangerous men in desperate times."

      Alabaster Ruins - Two small alabster towers lay on the ground, broken and busted. The buildings have crumbled in and are no more then barely recognizable messes of their former state. In front of the right ruins is a beautiful piece of black marble, wonderfully carved with a spectacular battle winding around it, with one flat face that reads: In memory of Inthor Haversum and Luthian Longbranch.

      Rand Foundry - A small foundry tucked away in the Town Green with reasonable prices on repairs.

      Sacrium Radiux Apothecary - A quaint apothecary that has a kinds of an assortment of potoins and remedies to buy.

      Starchilds Orphanage - An orphanage founded by some of Ramsalon great heroes, it is one of the more well funded orphanages and well known.

      The Thundering Hammer - RP Chatroom - A blacksmithy that lives up to its name with well trained smiths that can tackle any project that needs metal or stone tamed.

      The Vaxionte RP Chatroom - The most extravagant and upscale restaurant and inn in all of Ramsalon. Located along the Royal Road Main Street close to the bridge leading to Haven Croft. They do have a strict dress black tie/formal attire dress code.

  • Wayward Ho is located on the western most edge of the city, taking up the entire coast line there. It is the harbor district, composed primarily of docks, warehouses, though since the Darkest Night the district has also become host to several types of businesses. While much of it is tailored towards trading merchants and sailors, along its outer edges can be found some that cater to the more higher class of customer, offering them some beach side entertainment and retreats.
      Shops, Taverns, Landmarks
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      Red Sky Inn RP Chatroom - As salty as the roughest sailor, it is a favorite watering hole for those that work around the Wayward Ho, sailors, and travelers with little spare coin.

      The Emerald Eyes - RP Chatroom A popular local brothel, well cared for, not very extravagant, but still quite lovely adult entertainment and socializing.

      The Ramsalon Seashore RP Chatroom - Has a couple of small beach like spots to relax and enjoy the ocean.

      The Orchid RP Chatroom - An entertaining establishment of extravagance, luxury and high class. The bar serves some of the best drinks from around the world and they have a wealth of the finest entertainment, especially burlesque, to be found in the city. With a bit of catering to the more carnal desires.

      Ramsalon Lighthouse - The original lighthouse was lost after a hurricane and the Naga Nori War. A new one has been built on a tiny island just south of the city.

      The Black Pier RP Chatroom - The pier for none merchant ships that travel away from Ramsalon heading south, south west or towards Shi Inkahan.

      The Blue Pier - The pier for none merchant ships that travel away from Ramsalon heading north, east, or towards Candenord.

      The Commerce Pier and Trader's Pier RP Chatroom - Twin heavy piers which are reserved for use by the merchants ships that come in. They are specifically designed to handle cargo of all weights.

      Fishers Pier - The smallest pier, is mostly used by fishermen of very small personal crafts.

      The Emerald Pier - The most secure of the piers as ships of dignitaries and royal courts land there. Some of Shi Inkahan's more advance warships dock there as well.

  • Shinkantown sits to the east of the south end of Wayward Ho, to the west of the Town Green, with Court of Heroes bordering it to the north. It was developed after the Darkest Night and the Orc War, many Inkahani people chose to settle in Ramsalon. Most of them gathered in a place, taking what real estate they could find that was cheap and somewhat safe. This lead to them kind of building a replication of their home cities in Shi Inkahan that soon started to span a small sliver in Wayward Ho, Town Green, and the Court of Heroes. As a gesture of good will, those districts surrendered those slivers of area and allowed the community to create the district of Shinkantown. In the southern end of the district, close to where there river passes is a sinkhole that takes up a couple of blocks that formed during the Naga Nori War.
      Shops, Taverns, Landmarks
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      Jade Garden Restaurant - Shinkatown's most well known restaurant that provides an authentic sample of Inkahani cuisine and wonderful atmosphere.

      Manns Tea House RP Chatroom - Has some of the finest collections of tea in the city and a lovely selection of dim sum for a nice relaxing moment.

      Schutzren Dojo - A simple dojo that offers a place to learn a variety of fighting styles.

      Shi Inkahan Imports RP Chatroom - The largest shop in the district that also has spaces for people of the community to come vendor their own goods outside. It is a one stop place to find just about everything and anything from Shi Inkahan.

      Zhihui Wu RP Chatroom - Also known as the house of wisdom, is a quiet garden complex with a few gazebos where one can relax or come study some of the philsophies practiced there.

  • Grand Park is a vast expanse of green lawns, gardens, fountains and the occasional tiny forest. It is a quiet haven located in then the heart of the city and is between the Court of Heroes and the Town Green, bordering on the Royal Road.
      Shops, Taverns, Landmarks
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      Candy Shoppe RP Chatroom - A cute little candy shop nested in a shopping area of the Grand Park. Staffed mostly by Faeries it offers a huge selection of all kinds of candy to satisfy any sweet tooth.

      East Side RP Chatroom - Mostly covered in a small forest with some small shops scattered about the edge, and an ancient portal covered in plants and vines that has been turned monument.

      Fountain Area RP Chatroom - A grand fountain in the west side of the park, with quite the story behind it, but provides a brilliant work of watery art.

      Park Center RP Chatroom - One of the few absolute treeless areas of the park, flanked by a couple of interesting landmarks of a marbled tree and rune stone.

      Sparring Grounds RP Chatroom - A space in the south side of the park that has all kinds of equipment and areas for just about any kind of duel or practice routine. Has a building as well in case of bad weather.

      Special Events Areas RP Chatroom and Havest Festival Grounds RP Chatroom - A part of the park that is designed to handle larger events and festivals that come to the city.

Other Locations
    Royal Road Main Street - At the start of the Vaxian Empire, Kane Foraiya, built a road to go through all of their collected territories. The road runs right through the middle of Ramsalon, connect and ends at the Kanestronia Cathedral, where two grand statues mark its end. It is the widest road in the city, making it a grand avenue and a variety of shops, inns and taverns line it along the way.

    Farmlands are just north east of Ramsalon, south east of the Forest and the Mountains. It is a small farming community that has developed alongside the city itself, as at one point they were the main food source for the city in its youth. Today these farms are not quite enough to feed Ramsalon on their own, but do offer some local agriculture. Though they are not within the city walls, making them prone to the occasional raid.

    Ramsalon Sewers RP Chatroom - One of the staple infrastructures of the city, it is a vast network of large tunnels that the waste produced by the city washes down and then out.

    Crow Island - An island just west of the city of Ramsalon in the Guantlet Gulf. It is roughly in the shape of a crow's head. Has become a burial ground for those wishing to not creamate their dead and do not want a burial at sea.





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