• Active Membership - Varies from each individual group
  • Where Based - Each group has their own base
  • Leadership - See individual group
  • Distinguishing Marks - Each pirate group has their own banner

Pirate is a general term for crews of seafaring thieves who prey on merchant vessels.

East Kadrass Pirates

    The Pirates of the Eastern Kadrass Ocean prey on the copious trade convoys that travel between Vaxia and Candenord and to all the islands in between. Arrenotenos Bay and the Dead Peninsula are the center of pirate activity in this portion of the world, though many can be found in the colder waters east of Ardenia They mostly stay away from the most common trade routes, because those are usually patrolled by the Iron Navy and instead try to prey on ships that wander too from their escorts in less well-guarded waters. They will sometimes daringly approach as close to Iron Navy strongholds as cove-riddled islands in the Argonn Archipelago and near Ish Lavin

    East Kadrass pirates are usually quite egalitarian in terms of hiring: any given crew might include any combination of humans, Elves sea elves, Merfolk Tsefardal Orcs Minotaurs and Gnolls These pirates are rarely at all organized above the level of a single ship, and will fight each other as often as they fight the ships of Candenord or the Vaxian Empire

West Kadrass Pirates

    The pirates of the West Kadrass are thought to have a central port in the cold waters north-west of Jiroshusai, but the copious islands all along the coast of Shi Inkahan serve as havens for pirates' sampans and junks.

    Shinkan pirates are more centrally organized than their eastern counterparts, and are thought to have some sort of material support from the Lom Gunji or possibly the Kuei Kajan They are also somewhat more unified: the vast majority of them are poor Shinkan humans, often disenfranchised by the brutal rule of the upper-class, though Nagas Lom Gunji, and the occasional Mojingan can also be found in their ranks.





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