Paras'kezrai is a district of GHOUL located north of the main GHOUL cavern. It has connections to the main GHOUL cavern and to Shingack-Ghoroth.

This suburb is particularly favored by Nethar and others whom may feel more at home in the more cliff like dwellings, vertical living and little light.

It consists of a central core which is one of the more cylindrical types of caverns in the area. It doesn’t have a very wide diameter, but it is pretty deep. From this core a few other smaller caverns are connected. Peering into it there is a faint twinkle of various colors of light that shift about, as the area is also very well known for its bioluminescent mosses and fungi which do provide most of the light. There are also soft lanterns scattered about thanks to visitors or some just wishing for a little more light. Giving a rather serene beauty to the rather imposing darkness of it all.

At the very top is the connection to Shingack-Ghoroth. In this section are more buildings which resemble the usual architecture of GHOUL as they are built out on what ledge there is before the descent into the main core.

The very center of the central core contains a mechanical and magical lift system which can transport anything from people to large caravans and shipments. This system is composed of 8 total lifts, which kind of forms an octagon shape. The main lift system does not go all the way down, but stops right before it hits the more affluent section of the core. Nearly all walkways and transport ways connect to this lift.
There are also many smaller personal type of lifts which branch off of the main lift system. Quite a few of them were funded by the community and is also public transportation, however one must purchase a pass. A handful are private (A show of wealth in the suburb to allow their guests an express and private venture to Paras’kezrai), and can handle transporting the same heavy traffic as the main as they go down to the very bottom.
The lift system also contains staircases which go around its full length. These also connect to staircases which can be found on the walls as well (though those are a bit more sparse).

It is also possible to climb the walls to get around (the surface has tons of nooks and crannies, and corners and such from the buildings), though it's not recommended unless a resident of the area, as it is very possible to mis-step into someone’s residence unwelcomed.

Buildings are carved out of the walls of the core and connected caverns as well, or at least attached to them. There are a rare few buildings which are hung off of whatever support could be found, but what open space there is between the lifts and walls tends to be reserved for other structures of the infrastructure.

The majority of shops, restaurants and artisans in the area are in the section closest to the connection leading to GHOUL’s main cavern which is about the center-top, though some are scattered about the rest of the area.

The bottom section of Paras'kezrai is favored by the more affluent and richest residents of the area, making it the more ritzy and high society part of the area. Access to this section is very restricted, though one may save up to buy a short visit pass to partake of some of the high scale vendors and restaurants there.





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