The House of Pang is a noble family in Shi Inkahan, which rules terraced lands in the Red Dragon Mountains, rich with rice and llamas.

They are an ancient family, tracing their descent to Pang Ramashu, archer of myth and legend, most famous for his participation in the Battle of Ju Yu, where he is said to have killed a hundred hundred demons from a watchtower, protecting all the people of the town, including Bashu Kero's pregnant wife. Pang Ramashu was felled by the 10,0001st demon, and was avenged when the townspeople set upon the creature and slew it by bludgeoning it ten thousand and one times with their woks.

The modern armies of Pang are known for their skill with the chu ko nu, a sort of rapid-fire crossbow, which they use on foot or from the backs of tiny mountain ponies. The armies of Pang are fond of blotting out the sun with a hundred hundred crossbow bolts at a time.

The current Daimyo Pang is one Pang Pai, a shrewd and calculating man who is said to be enormously fat (and yet eats very little). He was the only daimyo to support Xiao Tsetsuno for the throne of Shi Inkahan, but most of his army was lost when he sent it west to help win the Fifth Oni War.