The Outguard

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The Outguard

The group known commonly as *The Outguard* calls themselves the Order of the White Falcon, and they are sometimes called *The Falcons* as well. These men and women are selfless souls who want to protect Ish-Lavin and the free people who live and work in their beloved city of white stone. But these are largely rangers. They love the wild and prefer it to the city, usually working and living outside its borders. The primary guildhall is in the East Hills near Ish Lavin set in the side of a tall bluff, a camouflaged cave entrance that opens into a comfortable set of rooms. There are bedrooms, a communal cooking room right in front with an opening to the hills above for the smoke, and several other rooms for conferencing and the like. The Outguard also has smaller stations in other outlying areas, such as the base of the distant mountains and in the Northern Forest on the south edge, close to the city. Not surprisingly, the White Falcons also own a few of the prized white falcons themselves. The enormous and noble birds are excellent steeds and are used only by their most elite warriors.





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