One-Eyed Magnus

One-Eyed Magnus
One-Eyed Magnus is a Yeekish Lom Gunji vampire and a mad inventor. His nickname comes from a missing eye, which he replaced with an eerie glowing red cyborg one, made possible by his Lom Gunji degeneration skill. He is notable for having designed the first pressurized submarine, the Party Boat

In life, he was a second-generation Yeek, son of Magfax. He had a twin sister named Magvex, who was a crusader against necromancy and evil, even in the Yeekish culture which does not tolerate evil or necromancy anyway. Magnus was summarily disowned and cast out by both his family and by Yeekish society in general when he became a vampire.

He was the leader of GHOUL's forces in Iskrania during the war with the Followers of Light and the mayor of New Ghuundagor until it was abandoned. After the war, he remained in Iskrania as Ambassador from GHOUL