Miser is a miserable little fishing city, across the Bay of Lavin from Ish Lavin It has been downtrodden and poor for as long as it has existed, despite all attempts to change the situation.

The twin cities of Ish-Lavin and Miser have established a firm economy across the gulf of Meridan. Both maritime and seaside routes have been established, and both cities, the old and the new, seem to prosper.

The events of the Naga Nori War passed Miser by without an attempt to take it by the Shi Inkanese, nor defend it by the Vaxian Government. There is only one event of note, which is that one night, during the second month of 3013AC, there was rampant slaughter. Rumor is that it was done by Vampires but this has not been confirmed or addressed by either government.

Miser is one of the oldest cities of Vaxia.

It is one of the oldest cities of Vaxia, records about its foundation





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