• Lifespan: 500-800 years
  • Typical Height: varies depending upon what type of fish their tribe or culture is from but four to seven feet
  • Typical Build: - varies depending upon what type of their their tribe or culture is from
  • Distinctive Traits: humanoid torso with a fish like tail instead of legs.
  • Where Found: The seas near the coasts

The merpeople can be found in just about any semi-shallow water. They are common in the Eastern Kadrass, particularly around Argonn Archipelago : Argonn, but they inhabit the seas near all the world's coasts.

They are a liminal race, with fish-like tails that can be any color of the rainbow, and human-style torsos, which can range in colour from blue and green to tan and brown. They have both gills and lungs, and sometimes have pointed ears, sometimes no ears. They cannot remain too long out of water, for their skin will become dried out and begin to crack.

The Merfolk are close allies with the sea Elves and enemies of the Tsefardal They have fairly amiable relations with the races that walk on land, occasional trading, but only a little real interaction, and almost never war, except with the Tsefardal and occasionally each other.

Merfolk live in small cities and villages, ruled over by individual lords. Corillion, in the Argonn archipelago, is among the largest and most famous merfolk cities, but it cannot be said to be a capitol, and there is no king or emperor who rules all merfolk. Merfolk generally live in nuclear families, with the men generally go out hunting large fish with spears and tridents, while the women stay at home, raise the tadpoles and tend the seaweed gardens. They have fairly good dark vision, with they accentuate with bio-luminescent lanterns.

A long, long time ago, a merman mage called Tanus improvised a metamorphism type spell that allows some merfolk to change their normal half-fish form into a two leg being. But these legs are always flawed, usually with little, little fine blue-jade colored scales that reveals their true nature. Metamorphomancy is too hard to cast, so this is the closest that Tanus got with his famous spell of "Jade Legs".

Merfolk are capable of breeding with humans. More often than not, the resulting hybrid is virtually indistinguishable from a full-breed merperson, as most merish traits, especially gills and tails, seem to be dominant. These half-breeds seem to integrate perfectly into the greater merfolk society, though it is presumably necessary for them to keep track of their ancestry. If a half-breed were to breed with a human, or even with another half-breed, the result could wind up without a tail or even worse, no gills, and drown as soon as it takes its first breath of water.

The merfolk are close-lipped about the precise manner in which they gestate their children, but it is most certain they bear live young.

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