Mage Guild

Mage Guild

The Mage Guild is an organization of mages devoted to studying and gathering knowledge of all things magical, as well as objects of great power. With branches in both Ramsalon and Ish Lavin, the Mage Guild is one of the premier magical institutes in the world.

The Mage Hunters have dealt some devastating blows to the Mage Guild. The Mage Hunters had several strikes where they dragged the Guild's name through the mud, hurting their reputation with the people in the city - especially after the Naga Nori War They also managed to reveal the Guild's rooms, passageways, and other space that they had tucked away in dimensional pockets, and managed to destroy a fair portion of The Guild Hall's magical protections. Several of their active membership and potential members were killed by the Mage Hunters.

Now the Mage Guild has done what its can to internally change, to try and gain back the reputation they had lost and start anew and better. They have updated some of their rules and policies and have begun to hold their leadership more accountable, and even voted in a whole new council which now rules over both branches.
While they still protect some of the more riskier magical items, knowledge and give a safe place for their members to learn in peace, they have made themselves more accessible to non members and begun forging new relationships.

Guild Hall
The Mage Guild has two guild halls, the main hall in Ramsalon and then the Ish Lavin Hall.

    The Ramsalon hall is located in the Haven Croft in Ramsalon, nearby the guild halls of the Mortaries and Spoonbenders Guilds and the White Rose University

Benefits to Joining
The Mage Guild offers a place for students of magic to truly focus on honing their magical skills. To those that make it within their ranks they are provided a room for free, access to all parts of the Mage Guild Hall a small stipend to cover day to day needs, and access to an employment board to do jobs to help promote the guild and use of magic.

Entry Requirements

  • To be considered as a Pre-Initiate, an applicant must have a skill in at least one type of magic. (A character may start out with this rank at their creation)

  • Anyone wanting to become an Initiate has to put in an application with the Mage Guild and then a Visionary or Architect will conduct an interview and the applicant will also be asked to demonstrate their magical prowess as well. Then if the applicant passes then the Visionary or Architect will extend the invitation to become an Initiate. (This is handled just like an employment recruitment session, and will give no more than a max of +10 to econ.) There is no requirement to be a Pre-Initiate before hand, but it does help.

  • All members, including Pre-Initiates, must swear a vow never to violate the rules of the Guild.

Guild Ranks

    Pre-Initiates are trial members and have restricted access. They are assigned an Initiate to follow and assist, and have access to all the Initiate level courses. They are offered free room and board, in order to let them truly get a taste of the Mage Guild experience.
    Pre-Initiates robes are a black with with a single eye on the upper right chest area.
    Pre-Initiates tabards are black with a thin royal blue trim. A single eye is on the upper right chest area.

    Initiates are the the first rank of members Guild. They are expected to have nominal skill in at least one magic skill and to devote themselves to increasing their talents. Initiates are tasked with designing and carrying out basic projects, which can be as large or as small as the Initiate feels appropriate, but must benefit the Mage Guild in some way. Some examples are making sure texts are up to date, tutoring Pre-Initiates, assisting higher level members, or to working with other Initiates on tasks for higher level members.
    Initiate's robes are royal blue with white trim with the the guild's symbol on the upper right chest area.
    Initiates' tabards are royal blue with white trim. Mage Guild symbol is on the upper right chest area.

    Matriculants are the second rank of members. They are occasionally tasked with representing the Guild in higher-level functions and taking on greater responsibilities within the Guild, including teaching Initiates and guests. They must be experts (40 skill) in at least one magic skill. In order to be promoted to Matriculant one must meet the requirements for the rank and perform a demonstration of their growth to a group consisting of an Architect, and a mix of Visionaries and Matriculants. (This is conducted as recruitment session and can award up to the max econ gain)
    Matriculant robes are white with royal blue trim and bear the guild symbol.
    Matriculant tabards are white with royal blue trim. Mage Guild symbol is on the upper right chest area.

    Visionaries are the third rank of members. They are expected to be experts (40 Skill) in at least two magic skills, or to have mastered (70 skill) at least one magic skill, and have a good reputation with the Mage Guild (15 or higher). Progression to Visionary is based on general devotion and dutifulness to the Mage Guild. A Matriculant may apply for a promotion or be nominated by a Visionary, which then the Visionaries will review the work of the Matriculant and vote. (Promotion is offered if character meets the requirements to be a Visionary)
    Visionaries handle much of the Mage Guild administration work and often perform in other high profile appointments. Visionaries can choose to continue teaching if they want, but many pursue more personal interest projects and can offer to employee members of the lower ranks in these endeavors. They have access to all guild areas, and can grant anyone permission for access to most parts of the guild as well.
    Visionary robes are shiny, satiny black with white trim and bear the guild symbol.
    The tabard is black satin with white trim. Mage Guild symbol is on the upper right chest area.

    Architects are the ruling council of the Guild. There are thirteen Architect seats; each represents a theme of magic. In order to be eligible for a seat nomination one must first be a Visionary, have worked hard for the growth of the Mage Guild on many levels, and have an excellent reputation with the Mage Guild (20 or higher). Then once nominated the council will vote to accept the nomination or not. If there are no Architects at the time then the Visionaries will vote.
    Architects are responsible for maintaining the Mage Guild’s relationship with the rest of the world, working as liaisons where needed using the collective knowledge of the guild. They also can teach special classes from time to time, and check in on the lower members projects advising them when needed. They are also in charge of the safety of the Mage Guild and protecting its members as they can.
    Architect's tabards are white satin tabard with gold trim. Mage Guild symbol in a gold embroidery on the upper right chest area, with their seat symbol on the left shoulder.

    Special Ranks

      Quondams are Visionaries with the distinction of having once been Architects of the Grand High Council. They retain this title for life as a mark of respect, though in the power structure of the Guild they are officially equivalent to Visionaries.

      Shield Mages are mages chosen from within the Mage Guild to serve as personal guards to the Architects. It is their task to protect the Architects to whom they are sworn, and lay down their lives in their defense if necessary. It is the Architect's decision whether to take on a Shield Mage, and they may be selected from any rank below Architect; the chosen mage has the right to refuse the offer.

    Guild Rules

      1) Tabard or Robes must be worn at all official functions where the member appears as a guild representative. Beyond that, they are optional.

      2) Training and practice of magic by anyone is to be only in the rooms which have protections in place. This is for the safety of those learning and the building. Casting spells in any other areas of the guild hall without permission or exigent circumstances may be punished.

      3) Initiates and higher can freely access the Inner Library. Non members need to seek permission from a Visionary or higher, if obtained then an Initiate will assist a non member as they need.

      4) No member may hold a position of Political interest within the city of Ramsalon, nor any other region or city while they are active.

      5) No member will engage in political pursuits or missions of diplomacy with other political entities outside of acting in a liaison capacity or acting as an advisory on magic.

      6) Members are encouraged to not have any other employment then what jobs that will be available through the guild. This is to allow the members to dedicate as much time to their studies as possible. If seeking other employment a member can discuss it with a Matriculant.

      7) Any member of the Mage Guild found to be practicing their magical arts in a way that would gravely endanger the Mage Guild, Ramsalon, etc, will be punished.

    Leaving the Mage Guild
    At anytime any member can resign from the Mage Guild. They will be required to return their robes and items that were for obtaining access to parts of the Mage Guild Hall. Any former member is treated just like any non member, and if caught still trying to use their robes or access items, or impersonating a member, actions may be taken against the former member.

    Any member may be demoted or removed depending on the severity, if they do one of the following:
    Failure to perform any of their expected duties or become lazy about or stop doing Mage Guild activities and duties.
    Attempt to use Mage Guild knowledge or tools in an unsanctioned manner.
    Abuse their Mage Guild position.
    Violate one or more of rules 2 - 7





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