Lan Corians

The LanCorian Vampires came into being when a large group of Bloody Shroud were imprisoned in Grokul prison by Emperor Minos. To ensure their survival in the sealed prison, some changes were made to the basic vampire template, orchestrated by Don Julian, the leader. These vampires began eating flesh as well as blood, to maximize the benefit from feeding, and found a way to reproduce sexually.

The LanCorians are powerfully family-oriented, and consider themselves the aristocracy of vampires, living in large mansions and favouring frequent fancy dress parties. Nearly all LanCorians live with large families known as clans and are led by Corianders.

Corianders are the leaders and protectors of the indvidual LanCorian clans. They are generally elected in some form by the clan.

Don Julian was the only Supreme Coriander, whom was even above and in charge of each clan Coriander, and those without a clan. Since his demise there has not been another which has caused for some interesting turmoil for those that find themselves without a clan. These clan-less, ones are often called rogue LanCorians, and tend to have a much lower status with those in a clan, even mocked, and ostracized. They are rare, but do exist, shunning all LanCorian culture and acting as a rebel due to their treatment.

    A newly-turned LanCorian will keep his original name, and will add the name of the Coriander's family and LanCorian to it.
    If a LanCorian is born in the normal fashion, then they tend to not get a family name, only LanCorian. They can earn the family name by serving as a donor.
    If a new Coriander takes control of a clan, they all keep their old family names, but the Coriander usually chooses a new one for themself. From then on, all donors and new vampires that Coriander makes will take on their new family name.
    The names Julian, Julia, Julius, and other variants are quite consistently prevalent among the LanCorians.

LanCorians, like most vampires, do not maintain homeostasis or produce any heat, and thus remain at the ambient room temperature of their surroundings. They also do not sweat or produce skin oils, and do not need to breathe (except to speak), and the only secondary bodily systems that remain fully functional are the digestive system (slightly modified to convert flesh into necromantic energy) and the reproductive system.
A child has a 50% chance to be born a LanCorian if one of the parent's is a LanCorian, if both of the parents are LanCorian then the child will also be a LanCorian.

LanCorians can take on attributes of whatever they feed on, if they feed on enough of it. It is due to this that LanCorian's tend to avoid feeding on the same thing for too long, and many avoid certain creatures of whose attributes they wish to avoid at all costs.
Many rogue, LanCorians, such as Elissa the Crow, deliberately maintain permanent animalistic characteristics, often favoring feathers or scales, as an act of defiance towards other LanCorian's.

Targets for Turning
Any aristocrat or prominent influential individual can find themselves a target for a LanCorian. They favor prestige, and will often seek to turn several generations of a given family to establish a new cluster of vampires, rather than stopping with one individual.

Skill Affinity
Persuasion skills are common among the LanCorian, though many have them from before their turning. They also collect various lore skills to sate a general intellectual curiosity, often favoring history, though not exclusively. Any advanced discipline, like metamagic, biomancy or rune magic, is also a likely pick for a LanCorian.

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