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Region: Vaxia Continent - Kundul Mountains between Nebrak and the Iron Desert
Governance: King Simril
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Kundul is the mountain stronghold of the Dwarves in southern Vaxia. It has only been conquered once, by Kane Foraiya and his elvish allies, but eventually broke free of the Empire's control. It is currently ruled by King Simril the Dwarf.

The Dwarven Mountain stands proud in the northeastern side of the Iron Desert, since times before Kane, and before the Dawn of the World. Simril the dwarf has been king over this stony land, and is one of the last ancient people who survives today. He is strong and wise. The dwarves here love to mine, and the very best armor and weapons are made here. Even at night the music of the hammers and spikes can be heard far away, as the ever busy mountain thrives with thousands of dwarves in its entrails.

Kundul is roughly 500 miles north of Ish Lavin and the same distance southwest of Arpaksad That would be a week's hard ride, two weeks by wagon, or about a month by foot.

The Black Rain Clan

Transcribed from a letter by King Simril of the Kundulian clans of dwarves to the Emperor of the Vaxian Empire regarding the allowance of the Black Rain Clans back into Kundul.

"The return of the Black Rain Clan to the ancient home of the Thunder Mountain cannot be possible because the memories of civil war are still marked with fire in the thoughts of many Kundulians. The motives that gave birth to the split of our clans can be resurrected for the simple fact that every mind and every heart is free to fly on their own ideas, and we can t force them again to follow our path.

I, Simril of Kundul, with the power over me and the blessing and wise decision of the dwarven council, ask the Black Rain to construct the brother dwarven nation under the terms you had settled down through your friend and representer, Commander Harren, and under the protection of the Vaxian empire, in the region they had assigned for them in the northern territories next to Victory City

Even if our two societies can't reconciliate completely, this would not interfere on trades, commerce and other businesses we can try in the future. I pray for the soul of Baldram to forgive me for when the Black Rain was condemned to suffer under the hot sands of the iron desert. I pray to Baldram's soul to accept this as a piece of good will from me and the rest of the people of Kundul which, no matters the differences between our brothers, we honor your sacrifice and determination. We hope, someday, Kundul will be one again. May the thunder light you in your eternal way to glory."

- Simril of Kundul





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