Kuei Kajan

Kuei Kajan

The Kuei Kajan or Red Lotus, is a political party in Shi Inkahan, infamous as the party of Hickorigatta the Red Witch, who provoked the violent Red Lotus War Kuei Kajan is trying to clear their name, trying to make people to forget the past. This party is the party of the proletariat, poor people, workers, and the underclass, and employs much communist rhetoric.
The Red Lotus Party is not just a clan or a family. It is in fact the National Opposition party to the Emperor. It's known as the People's Party, it's job is basically to be a voice of the people, to represent them in the Emperor's Court. They are responsible civic/domestic side of governing the Empire. The party itself is based in good governance, and balances off the power of the Emperor.
They are mostly comprised of really good people. Unfortunately, sometime circa 3000, one of the ministers was apparently convinced to form a rebellion against the Emperor. (for the real behind the scenes, behind the scenes, there is a whole Red Witch, Lom Gunji alchemist thing). The rebellion failed, though the Empress was killed, and a bunch of the leadership of the Red Lotus Party was exiled to abroad (some ended up in Shinkantown).

People in general don't think that the Red Lotus Party equals evil or not good. It's actually a lot more complicated than that. The party itself is just a political entity, and for the most part they are made out of good people. There are certain elements within that are rather unsavory of course, but that doesn't mean the overall view by Shinkanese is that the Red Lotus Party is bad. In fact, many consider them heroes, looking out for the People. Like with any politic entity though, there are some far-ambitious/conversative/fanatical elements. However even in Shinkantown the people are split into many factions. Some are empire loyalist, some Red Lotus party, some neutral.

The Kuei Kajan is secretly controlled by the Lom Gunji vampire clan. This secret is not all that well-kept: Emperor Xiao Ken knows, pretty much anyone above average in GHOUL City knows, it is fairly common knowledge in any rural, Dachairo-controlled areas of Shi Inkahan. The news often reach the cities, but the Kuei Kajan know that "The Man" will do anything to put them down, including accusing their righteous party of being in bed with the devil. Its kinda like today, people saying that 9/11 was done on purpose by Israeli forces. Outrageous claims, some people believe it, the Israelis rightfully scoff at it. Kuei Kajan scoffs at the accusation too. Unlike the Israelis, for Kuei Kajan, it's sadly one urban legend that is true. Most of the dark secrets of the Red Lotus Party are not common knowledge in Ramsalon or the cities of Shi Inkahan, and npcs should be rped as thus.

The Kuei Kajan is currently led by Lord Xen Kuan, whom some in GHOUL suspect is actually the same person as The Alchemist If not, then Xen Kuan is certainly a puppet of the Alchemist.

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