Human Rights Faction

Human Rights Faction

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  • Where Based - South Congreth
  • Leadership - Council of Six
  • Distinguishing Marks - A red armband.

The Human Rights Faction (HRF) was a major movement in Ramsalon at shortly after the Darkest Night They blamed non-humans for the devastation of the Darkest Night, and wanted to expel all Elves and other non-humans from the city, or otherwise subjugate or eliminate them. They were driven underground, but were never actually destroyed, and the sentiments they expressed have seen a slight resurgence recently, with the government's deportation of "unwanted" races to GHOUL

A Brief Introduction To The HRF
The Human Rights Faction was one of the most recent political parties to rise in the wake of the Darkest Night. As far as the mass populous of Ramsalon is concerned, they were a racist group, prone to violence and hatred in order to get their way in the world. Most notably the HRF were responsible for making South Congreth a 'Humans Only' zone, unlike any other area of Ramsalon, this area was as the title implies, for only those of the human race. Various Half-Elves and ancient elves that had proved themselves loyal to the citizens of Congreth had been allowed to stay there, but for the most part, South Congreth was human territory, and non-humans wandering about the streets there often found themselves targets for attacks.

The non-human population that was expelled from South Congreth for a few months was forced to live in hastily erected refuge camps, this forced the government of Ramsalon to put pressure on the leaders of the HRF to get up some kind of housing so that they would not have to deal with the scum that was ejected from the shanty. Group housing was swiftly erected so that any conflict between the HRF and the government of Ramsalon would be avoided, and the non-humans now live in North Congreth. Bottleneck Way splits the two portions of Congreth almost down the middle, though what is being done in North Congreth is not being monitored or cared for by the leaders of the HRF.

The HRF was rumored to be ran by a council of six humans, though no one has seen or heard of these six ever being in the same place at the same time, that is the rumor. The two most known and voiced leaders were Lairus and Veeshan. The HRF was called a fad, but was not the case. Already a small government was formed, and the population of South Congreth is becoming united. Schools had been built, shelters for the homeless and food banks. At the time that was really all that was known of the HRF. They made their headquarters in a building deep inside of South Congreth, and Lairus and Veeshan would often be found talking and drinking in Slim's Ale Shack.

The Council Of Six
Through rumors and various investigative and prying means, the six leading members of the HRF had been identified.

    Lairus: A dark paladin in the flesh. Once shimmering white armor is now tainted with an unholy darkness. Occasional glimpses of white are seen, but it is at best described as viewing a white sheet through a black bottle. He is a solid man, standing about six feet tall, his armor covers his entire body, his helmet is the image of a perfect human face. A black cloak is thrown about his shoulders at all times, as is the armor always on his body. He comes from a land to the west, where exactly no one quite knows, he is not truly an evil man, simply a greedy and power hungry man. His story is a simple one; betrayed by the church, later sent to die on a solo mission for his god, he rebuked his faith and refused to perform the task set before him. Found by a greater power months later he was put into service as leader of the forces of a rogue Dentalius.

    Veeshan: An old and wisened man, obviously a mage by the clothes he wears and the mystic aura that surrounds him. He is the only non-human of the six, however, that is merely in soul, not in body. He looks like a model human, five foot eight, thin and frail looking. His eyes are by far the most odd part about him, due to the fact that they do not exist. Where eyes would be in a man, he has gaping holes, empty sockets that look as fresh a wound. Purple sparks are constantly moving from side to side, and staring into these sockets to long can make a man question if his soul has been lost into the depths. Veeshan comes from a planet in another dimension, in that dimension humanoid's are the weakest and most despised of all races. Winged beasts with the heads of wolves and the talons of eagles dominate and this is why Veeshan is a willing servant to the ways of the HRF. His hatred for non-humans goes far beyond any others, and his power is rivaled by few in the world. He is a man of few words, and due to this fact, little is known about him at all.

    Gunther: The obvious muscle of the HRF leadership. Standing a massive nine feet tall and fitting the frame perfectly. Arms the size of a normal man's waist give him the look of a Grommie champion, the scars that line his body obviously made by both blade and beast, claw marks here, a mace imprint there, the very embodiement of a war-scarred battle veteran. Raised in the West Grom wilderness by only his mother, he was well fed the flesh of bears, wolves and other creatures of the forest, and due to being the only man in the house, he did the work. Cutting logs, trees and cleaning and hunting the animals turned him into the monster of a man he is now. Dumb by any standards, but stronger than a normal squad of guards, he is the perfect tool for the HRF leadership.

    Dailos: As with all groups, there is one who looks notably evil, Dailos fits the bill. A short man with dark features and a darker mind, he is the typical 'evil mage' type. At first glance one would believe he is easily 70 years old, but the way he speaks, and the fire in his eyes might change that initial judgment toward something supernaturally tainted. His story is long, but the thing that has turned him against non-humans is a story not so long. In the monestary which he was put in charge of at a young age, due to the constant dying of others put in charge, he began to form a cult, an offshoot of the official church. Performing strange experiments upon women and children of all races he was soon known as a demon in the land, and a raiding party, mostly elven, came to the monestary. Narrowly escaping death himself, he left the rest of his followers to be slaughtered, and only once the raiders had left did he return. His years of research ruined, he turned his fury on the elven kind, tainting their water, poisoning their pregnancies until one day he was snatched up by the Dentalius, who would turn his hatred of non-humans to its advantage.

    Millendrea: An amazon from the southern regions of the world. Her frame is short, only about five feet tall, but her fiery hair and well muscled form gives on the idea she is most certainly NOT a lady. A telescoping staff is in hand at all times, her fiery red hair pulled back in a braid that reaches down to mid-thigh. She's beautiful by all means, and many men have fallen to the ground with more than their egos bruised. Her homeland is far far from Ramsalon, in the southern jungles seemingly across the planet. When Veeshan and Lairus came across her, she was outnumbered seven to one in a fight against lizardmen and a strange lizard-elf hybrid rarely seen in the world. Her village, high on a rocky cliff, was soon overrun by these beasts, and she and a few others were the only surviving members. Too weak to be of any use to the Dentalius, the others were left to fight for themselves, Millendrea though was chosen, and has been fighting non-human creatures from that day forward

    Xaunth: An obvious martial artist, this is what any person will assume at first glance. He moves low to the ground, bent at both the knees and the waist, how tall he really is none can say, for he is always moving in this low down manner. His clothing is of an odd fabric, one that absorbs the light rather than reflecting, giving him a disadvantage during daylight, but a huge advantage in the darkness. Xaunth is the only true unkown in the equation. He has never been known to utter a word, and is rarely if ever seen in public. His story is shrouded in mystery even to the other five members of the council. He is their spy, their assassin and their eavesdropper. A truly dangerous man, that much is known.





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