Hickorigatta was an apprentice of Necromos and responsible for the Red Lotus War She created the Lom Gunji and she was beheaded in Ramsalon around the time of the Darkest Night

Documentation of the Red Witch wrote:

Necromos travelled to Shi-Ink shortly after he had his rear handed to him by Ramsen in the first Orc War So the first thing he did when he arrived was corrupt two sisters, Hickorigatta and Ramichigatta to make them apprentices.

They stole the Dragon Armor (which includes the sword). Ozishima was Ramichigatta's lover, turned her back to the Good side in the last second, she saves the Armor from evil sister Hickorigatta's claws, but pays for it with her life.

Ramichigatta had died at the hands of Hickorigatta (reincarnated as Dauphina in today's world!), Hickorigatta founds the vampire clan of the Serpent's Tooth, the Lom Gunji.
Grieving Ozishima founds the vampire clan of Dachairo

Years pass, Lotus War takes place where Kuei Kajan (Red Lotus) takes their rightful anger against the throne. Lots of blood. Emperor Xiao-Ken cheats on his wife with Hickorigatta (the Red Witch). Then confesses, redeems self, is forgiven, keeps the throne by a frog's hair, and bans all Vampires regardless of clan.

Darkest Night occurs, Shi Inkahan sends help to rebuild Ramsalon city, Princess Tsetsuno comes, Gromite Bashumatsu Evergard comes, they fall in love, have adventures, Dragon Armor ends up with him.. Hickorigatta chases him down to Ramsalon, makes it rain blood for 4 days and makes everyone sick, Vaxian soldiers deliver food door to door, Razzaine challenges Hickorigatta to duel at Havencroft Plaza, Evergard hands him Dragon Sword, Razzaine chops her head off.