Hemitz Meitner

Realm: vaxia
Titles: Bishop
Species: human
Conditions: unknown
Apparent Gender: male
Apparent Age: mid-50s
Real Age: unknown

Background: Hemitz Meitner was one of the more reclusive Bishops, and very little is known about his past.
Personality: Reclusive.
Occupation: Former Bishop for the Followers of Light Currently deceased.
Description: Meitner sometimes wears somewhat more black and red than is generally thought appropriate for a Bishop of the Followers of Light (whose garb usually includes predominantly white and silver). He does have a fancy hat, though; you're not a Bishop without a fancy hat. He has slightly-sunken cheeks, an aristocratic nose and cheekbones, thin lips, a receding hairline, and dark indigo eyes.

Life: 55
Health: 47.5
Endurance: 40
Constitution: 40
Strength: 40
Agility: 47.5
Dexterity: 55
Reflexes: 67.5
Intelligence: 80
Awareness: 70
Spirituality: 60
Presence: 47.5
Charisma: 35
Appearance: 45

Affinity: (65) Through long exposure to the red crystal at the corner of Pollux and Murmule, Hemitz has gained a strong affinity for it, and he and the crystal can share much between them.
Surgery: (55) He is trained in anatomy and surgery. He knows where most organs are in a hominoid body, what they do, and how to use a scalpel to get at them. He also knows how to cut a body apart in such a way that it stays alive for as long as possible.
Hammer of Kosmo: (30) This is a holy smiting magic skill. It will deal damage to pretty much anything, but it will deal buttloads of extra damage to the Undead and it won't really hurt the living as much. Again, the effects are unpredictable when used on those things in the middle, the cursed and the animantic creations and such. This is also the skill to use if you want to purify an area, to cleanse it of unholy stains, or if you want to imbue an object with damaging holy energy. Yes, yes, this is the skill you use if you want to create holy water.
Touch of Kosmo: (25) This is not a life skill, this is a holy magic skill, and as such, it will frequently not heal the undead. It will sometimes cause pain to the undead, but will not do actual damage. Some life gods are more charitable than others towards the undead, but its pretty unpredictable. Its effects are even more unpredictable when she tries to use it on, say, Automatons or werewolves. The gods rarely have a real consensus about anything. But to the non-undead, it will almost always be a healing aura, stopping bleeding, mending wounds (this skill is particularly good at healing psychic wounds, actually), and increasing vitality.
Pain Magic: (75) Formerly Another Exciting Mystery Skill. Pain magic, blood magic, derived from vivisection. Magic to injure one's foes, and then siphon off their pain (if any) to power the next spell.
Perfect Recall: (45) Hemitz has something like a photographic memory, which he has partially devoted to a near-encyclopedic knowledge of as many individual enemies of the Followers of Light as possible, among other things.
An Exciting Mystery Skill: (85) It involves an ability to come back from the dead after being beheaded, among other things.
Yet Another Exciting Mystery Skill: (65) It, too, is a secret!
Metamagic: (50) This form of metamagic allows the user the ability to strengthen or weaken another's casting, modify it within the original parameters of the target's abilities, or reflect it toward the original or a new location. It can also on occasion absorb and hold a spell or casting for a short time but must always at some point be discharged. This does not allow the user to take on another's magic, merely to 'hold' it for a length of time determined by the power of his own cast.

Dead. Not coming back. Beheaded and exploded 12/28/08, survived the beheading. Rolled 100 to survive the explosion. Rolled for verification and to ascertain his location a few days later, and came up with a 2. Rolled a winner-take-all verification, and rolled an 8. Andrew's divination thus turned up nothing whatsoever (physical or metaphysical) left of the Bishop except the dried blood on his tie, which Andrew had taken from his neck.