Goowino is the god of truth, and justice. He is also the weigher of souls, determining whether or not a soul is worthy to enter the realm of Moradh In making rulings, Goowino does not rely on the letters of a contract or some rigid legal code. Instead, Goowino has the power to sense the truest intentions of a person, and it is by their ultimate intentions that he weights the worth of their claims. It is said that no mortal man or god can lie when standing before Goowino. For this, he is often called on by the other gods to act as judge between their feuds and sometimes mortals will pray to him when they feel they have been dealt an unkind fate.

Many of Goowino's followers are respected judges and honest lawmen. They are those who are concerned with the protection of society through the use of just rules that are fairly administered. They can also be people who truly wish to correct the injustices of the world. Goowino does not, however, support zealots who use the law to extort and abuse others or to seek revenge for justice's sake. The intention in the hearts of these men is not to see true justice done.

To his true followers, Goowino often grants powers of insight. He is the whisper in the heart of the noble justice of the peace that a defendant is honest. Goowino's priests carry this so far as to have strong powers of divination, precognition and extra-sensory-perception.