• Lifespan: - 40-50 years
  • Typical Height: - 3'-5'
  • Typical Build: - skinny
  • Distinctive Traits: green to brown skin, large triangle like ears
  • Where Found: - Vaxia, often sharing settlements with other orcish races. underground, as slaves to the Nethar

They tend to have a more gnarled, bent posture. Their noses tend to be elongated, if not pointed, and their ears range from large and round to short and pointed. They've never been known to have facial hair, though many have hair on the tops of their heads. They are weaker than Orcs though somewhat more cunning, and their females and young can occasionally almost be described as 'cute'. Almost.

The skin tones of these creatures range from green to brown. The reason is advantageous genetics. It suits a goblin in the forests and swamps to be of a greener hue, whereas a goblin underground would be best hidden in a browner skin tone. Few Goblins roam the woods in the day now, as most of the woods are guarded by those none to hesitant to attack them. They occasionally saunter out into the woodlands at night, but for the most part goblins live underground. They have the same habit of tunneling as the Vaxia/Races/Dwarves, yet goblin tunnels are cruder, less stable, and less engineered, almost as though they were digging blindly.

Goblins, like all orcish races, have some dark vision, though never true infra-vision. Because of this, they are sometimes used as slaves by the Vaxia/Races/Elves/Nethar, though not as often as stronger, hardier orcs.

Compared to their larger brethren, goblins are significantly more intelligent, though still not up to the level of the humanoid races. They are also rather more likely to solve problems through trickery or running away, rather than simply bashing things until their problems go away as orcs and Ogres are wont to do.

Goblins have an unmatched ferocity, even if it proves generally nonthreatening. While you might not wish to find yourself alone with a few of them, they are for the most part under-intimidating unless in large groups, or equipped with some of their more volatile inventions.

The volatile inventions arise from the goblins' mental recesses. Though their designs tend more to the bizarre and even macabre, they invent and create nonetheless, and while their inventions have a greater chance for destructive error than Gnomes it's often just the effect they desire. A goblin with any of its own machines is an explosion in the works, a fact they are aware of and try best to profit from.

To speak of goblin 'society' is to defame the very word. They behave often as pack creatures, moving with little form or reason in large groups or as individuals. They wander off, from one domestic setting to the next. There's little sense of hierarchy, as no one is respected enough to be a leader, nor are any of them respectful enough to be followers. Though they live in relative anarchy, goblins manage to bond together a great deal of the time, revolving around the mutual aid found in large groups. Outside that, there is little 'society' to speak of.