• Lifespan: - 300 years
  • Typical Height: 3 to 4 feet
  • Typical Build: Slightly less stocky then a dwarf
  • Distinctive Traits: - Manicured beards and mustaches
  • Where Found: - Iskrania

Gnomes are quite a bit smaller than the average human, only standing somewhere around 3 to 4 feet tall, though in rare cases they can grow up to 5 feet. They are smaller in stature and build than their dwarven cousins as well but are tend to be quicker and more nimble. Also, while most Dwarves wear a full and rugged beard, gnomes prefer to manicure their facial hair. Individual gnomes will groom their beards, sideburns, and mustaches into elaborate fashions meant to display their ingenuity and care for detail.

Legend suggests that gnomes were created when a dwarven settlement was accidentally isolated from their mountain home. These dwarves, through some strange miracle of fate, were taught how to survive in the wilderness by fairies. In the cultural exchange, the dwarven settlers adopted the fae races desire to live in harmony with nature and the living world. They also developed an affinity for magic.

Historians counter that gnomes trace their origins to the founding of Iskrania: the dwarves that were among the founders of Iskrania were cut off from their kin in Kundul and dedicated themselves to building war machines to defend their new city should Kosmo's magic fail and the Vaxian Empire attack again. They created golems and Automatons to do all their menial labor for them, and thus do not build up as much muscle as dwarves do. The average gnome has much more human blood than the average dwarf, having interbred with the people of Iskrania, but is shorter than the average dwarf due to generations of exposure to the extreme pollution levels of Iskrania, which stunts growth.

Whichever story is true, gnomes do tend to be much more light hearted than their 'brooding' dwarven cousins. They tends towards being fun loving and place a high value on the arts and aesthetics. They often play practical jokes and tend to be visionary and innovative rather than grounded in custom and tradition. Gnomes do have a dwarven stubbornness, however, when it comes to haggling over their wares.

Another difference that gnomes have with dwarves, is that gnomes have a natural affinity with certain magical arts, particularly the use of illusion, enchantment, and animancy. This affinity for creating magical enchantment leads many gnomes to a life of tinkering and building magical devices and contraptions.

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