• Lifespan: - 50-70 years
  • Typical Height: - in excess of 14' tall
  • Typical Build: - muscular.
  • Distinctive Traits: - the largest known intelligent race
  • Where Found: - northern Vaxia, often in settlements with other orcish races
Giants are the largest race in the world, towering upwards of fourteen feet tall, and are in the running for least intelligent, barely smarter than base animals. They are not common, and usually solitary. The Orcs of Ghuundagor used to breed them as war machines (which may explain their existence in the first place), but now that Ghuundagor has been eradicated and replaced by peaceful Shingack-Ghoroth, the giants may eventually go extinct.

Giants have incredible, inverse-square-law-defying strength, and can use a club or hammer to quickly smash through barriers that would take a team of humans with a battering ram much longer to penetrate. Their skin is similarly thick, allowing them to shrug off flights of arrows and sword blows that would severely injure a member of a lesser race. However, this incredible prowess in battle comes at a cost, and giants are only barely capable of feeding or dressing themselves. Their one instinct is to smash, so they usually require a team of Goblins or orcs to tend them outside of battle.

Like all orcish races, giants have fairly good night vision, but not infra-vision, but they are somewhat too large for underground life, so unlike their smaller brethren, the Nethar rarely keep giants as slaves.