This article is for historical reference as now GHOUL City occupies most of this location, though some ruins of the original city may remain.

Region: Vaxia continent - Meribor
Major Events: Orc War Ghuundagor was the ancestral home of the Orcs and one of the oldest cities in the world. It was in the region called Meribor, at the head of Meribor Sound, and was inhabited by orcs well before the Cataclysm. Now it is part of GHOUL City with many of its tunnels forming the district of Shingack Ghoroth
Most of Ghuundagor consisted of a vast and complex network of tunnels, arranged around the hollow mountain fortress of Mount Fang, with bridges all over the huge cliffs of Meribor Sound.

For most of its history, Ghuundagor was populated mostly by orcs, with substantial minorities of Goblins Ogres and Trolls They also bred Giants as siege weapons, and occasionally tamed mammoths, wolves (both dire- and regular), sabretooths, and the like.

A few decades after the Cataclysm, the orcs of Ghuundagor occupied and plundered the wrecked city of Crystal Towers, before being driven out by the Tribe of the Half Moon under Kane Foraiya. As Kane conquered his way around the Vaxian Continent Necromos demonstrated his power to the orcs, and they made him their leader. A long and complex war between the orcs, Jorkana both Groms, and the Half Moon Tribe ensued, ending with most of the continent sacked by the orcs and Kane taking refuge in Kanestronia Cathedral where the forces of evil could not approach. That was where Kane founded Ramsalon

The First Orc War
So it was for many years, before Kane's grandson Ramsen I waged a massive war against the orcs, called the First Orc War, pushing them back to Meribor and razing Ghuundagor to the ground.

The Second Orc War
The orcs eventually rebuilt and repopulated Ghuundagor without Necromos's help. Almost 2900 years after their original crushing defeat, Necromos officially returned and declared war on the Vaxian Empire Augustus Razzaine's Iron Army including the first large-scale deployment of the Automatons cribbed from the Whirler's designs, along with auxiliaries from the Elves the Groms, Shi Inkahan, and Candenord, systematically crushed the orcs again, even when Necromos raised them from the dead as Zombies Ghuundagor was razed and its population was put to the sword.

Post-War Period
The Empire re-purposed Necromos's Underpass technology, creating the Victory Portal, and founded the penal colony of Victory City near the ruins of Ghuundagor, to systematically loot the orcish city and mine for the copper and iron that constitute Meribor's only valuable resources.
Within a few years, Gaunth appeared on the scene, founding GHOUL in the tunnels of Ghuundagor with the last remnants of the orc clans of Meribor. The bulk of Ghuundagor's tunnels became known as Shingack Ghoroth, a district of GHOUL, and Mount Fang became the headquarters of the GHOUL Militia

Many of the displaced orcs of Ghuundagor had fled south immediately after the Orc War, founding a village called New Ghuundagor near Iskrania New Ghuundagor later allied itself with GHOUL, but was eventually abandoned during GHOUL's long war with the Followers of Light and its populace largely moved to GHOUL.





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