GHOUL Werewolf Packs

  • Status of Organization: Active
  • Active Membership: 200
  • Where Based and Areas of Influence: GHOUL
  • Leadership: A council of the leaders of each pack, whom answer to the GHOUL Council
  • Legal Status: Most of them are in good legal standing.
  • Distinguishing Marks: --
  • Known Enemies: Werewolf hunters, couple of small groups that remain in Ramsalon
  • Known Allies:

    Founding origin

    When GHOUL was founded werecreatures were some of the beings that were taken in under their protection. Especially greatful many of these people have become a kind of foundation of the city and its people. They now all work to ensure that they will make the best out of GHOUL and ensure they never experience once again the turmoil and death that happened in Ramsalon ages ago.

    Werewolves have been at the forefront of this.

    Organization structure

    Each pack is more like a small extended family, often no larger then 10 members at a time.

    The packs do come together to form a larger organization in order to help ensure each pack can thrive and is protected. They often share resources and will fight together as needed. Sometimes conflicts between packs do happen, but they may request another pack send someone in to help sort things out. Though some conflicts are a bit more severe, and other packs not involved will stay out of it.

    While most of the packs are loyal to GHOUL and are law abiding, they will not turn over other packs which may not be as in the up and up unless their actions become severe enough to threaten the rest of them.

    Each pack governs themselves for the most part, however there is an overarching council of pack leaders which helps bridge the Council of GHOUL and their packs as a whole. They also often make decisions and declare actions should something arise that is too large for one pack to handle or is a threat to all of them.

    Current projects / Interests:

    Membership related information:

      How to join

      In order to join a werewolf pack of GHOUL one must be in good standing with the packs. They must prove themselves to be dedicated to their cause.

      When one reaches 10 reputation they will receive an invitation from the pack willing to take them in and make them a member. But they will not be turned.

      Once the member has become established with the pack they will be judged and then be offered the opportunity to start the process to be turned into a werewolf if they so desire.

      • This process is a petition to the Council of GHOUL for approval to turn a new werewolf.

      • The one wanting to be turned needs to be in good legal standing with GHOUL and have 20 rep with the werewolf packs

      • If the member meets those, then a mini scene will be done where a representative of the Council fills them in on the laws regarding their soon to be status (this also serves to make sure the player is informed of IC expectations and risks)

      • Once they agree to the laws and swear fealty to GHOUL and the pack, they will then be infected with the werewolf condition.

      Any benefits of membership

      Members of a werewolf pack have some access to the protection and resources the packs have to offer.
      Players can access these by doing scenes and rolling to see what will apply to the situation they are trying to invoke them for.

      Once they reach a good standing with the packs they will have the chance to be turned if desired.

      How to maintain membership and obligations

        Doing things that help promote and protect the interests of the packs.
        Performing tasks for the pack when called upon.
        Following the rules set in place by the packs.

        You do not turn anyone without approval of the pack
        The pack comes first, their needs are your needs
        You protect your packmates, don't do anything that puts them in danger

      How to leave (if you can)

        Leaving a pack can be rather messy, even more so with some of the past issues with Ramsalon tainting things.
        If one has grown unhappy with the pack they are in, they may petition another pack to take them instead. Of which the pack leads will make and agreement on something to trade for the transfer.

        If wanting to leave all packs together, one must declare their intent to go solo to the Council of GHOUL and the packs in writing.
        However someone will occasionally keep an eye on the former member to ensure no trouble will come back their way.

        One can also just cut off contact with them, however over time someone will come looking for them to ensure they are behaving and won't be causing any kind of trouble to fall upon the packs.

      How to get kicked out and any punishments incurred

        Disobey the rules put in place by the packs and GHOUL.
        Depending on the severity of infraction will determine the type of punishment. A small infraction will likely lead to just being exiled from all packs, a more severe infraction could lead to prison or even death.

        Cause too much trouble in Ramsalon
        Due to the history with Ramsalon, it is very easy for a werewolf pack face harsh legal repercussions should one of their own be found making trouble. This will lead to being exiled from the packs, leaving the member to face the consequences on their own, and possibly even turning the former member in to face punishment from the Ramsalon government in order to make amends and prevent any further harm to the packs.
        Those consequences/punishments will be depending on the severity of the trouble/laws broken.

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