The Dreamweavers

The Dreamweavers

  • Status of Organization - Active

  • Active Membership - 15

  • Where Based and Areas of Influence - Nomadic around the Vaxian Content

  • Leadership - There is no leader. Each member is given equal say, and each member is encouraged to follow their own path and judgements. Though should a problem arise the whole group will meet to discuss what action to take.

  • Legal Status - Mostly Neutral. They are considered criminals where their talents have been deemed as such.

  • Distinguishing Marks - A tattoo of tapestry that becomes unraveled and fades.

  • Known Enemies - TBD

  • Known Allies - TBD

They are an organization of people that had come together in some rather trying times, all connected by the similar services they provided and a need to survive.

They are mostly known as weavers of dreams, though what they truly do is pull the memory of an individual into a tangible form of a tapestry.

However it is not just any kind of tapestry, for any that gaze upon the tapestry can watch the memory playing out from start to finish. If one can focus their concentration enough they can become part of the memory, living it from the position of the person from which the memory came and not knowing it is not their own.

Each tapestry is completely unique, with its colors and style all determined by the type of memory and the emotions invoked by it.

The price varies as it depends on the individual, the memory and the Dreamweaver themself. The has to be memory one which is extremely powerful and important to the individual. For the emotional resonance must be exceedingly strong in order for the weave to be effective.
The Dreamweavers came to be as more regions in the Vaxian Content began adopting policies that was quick to outlaw many kinds of magic related to dealing with the mind. They had become targeted by this when rumor started spreading of their work. Each of them had to flee their homes seeking refuge elsewhere. It happened by chance that the founding members came across one another as they were seeking safety.

In the hopes that there would be safety and strength in numbers, they all pooled their resources together to ensure each of them and their families would be able to effectively 'disappear' and go into hiding. Eventually this caused them all to become nomadic, as they had found to keep moving was the best way to keep from ever getting caught. Though they never once stopped their trade.

There are very few that know about them, even less know of their location as it changes often and quickly. However if one is determined enough, and earns a favor from any that does have good ties with the Dreamweavers, they can be given directions in how to seek the Dreamweavers out. This also serves as a series of trials to ensure that those that seek their services mean them no harm.

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