Candenordian Druid Council

  • Status of Organization: - Active, Ancient. The Druids of Candenord are as old as the continent itself.
  • Active Membership: - 50-80
  • Where Based and Areas of Influence: - Near major regional urban centers; among or within key terrain (such as tallest mountain, regional forest, etc. within a given region)
  • Leadership: - The Council holds simple majority votes on common issues. The last presumed leader, Vashal Mas'harin, died over 400 years ago.
  • Legal Status: - Full legal standing.
  • Distinguishing Marks: - None
  • Known Enemies: - None known
  • Known Allies: - None known

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    • Founding origin: The Candenordian Druid Council came about as a result of the various early species on the continent becoming attuned to their often hostile environment; eventually, several entities gained affinities for nature magic, shape-shifting, and elementalism that allowed them mastery over the wilds. Those they stayed among then revered them, and heeded their sage advice in learning how to live with their environment. Membership grew with the population, and spread accordingly as governors, Ambassadors and guides.

    • Organization structure: Each Druid heads their own local spiral - a nod to the persistent change and movement that comes with living on Candenord. Each spiral is left to deal with its internal issues independently. In cases where one spiral's events could affect another one or more other spirals, then those concerned will band together until the issue is resolved. In cases where the whole continent is involved, then a meeting may be summoned. It takes about two weeks for the Druid Council, once summoned, to reach the agreed-upon meeting spot. Where there is no summoned meeting, they instead meet at Masgrow at the summer solstice, or Belrun at the Winter Solstice Such meetings ensure that each Spiral is capably handling its area, its residents, and its wilds.

    • Current projects / Interests: What news comes out from the ships that arrive to Ramsalon from the east tells of issues keeping the fringes of semi-established cities, towns, and settlements free from animal and plant incursion. Beyond keeping the wilds at bay, the Council concerns itself with ensuring a balanced approach between urban dwellers and the natural order. Recycling and repurposing, where feasible in terms of the setting, are encouraged to reduce waste and reliance on obtaining more resources. Magic, for the most part, is regarded as the prime source of such things as fire, instead of resorting to burning coal or wood for warmth, or water to hydrate crops rather than divert streams or create irrigation.

    • Notable Personalities: Jamus Vazshal (Masgrow Spiral); Ilyara Sha'Valani'eliyen (Belrun Spiral); Wareish Milstarek (Corpis Port Spiral)

    Candenordian Druid Council

    The Candenordian Druid Council is the association of esteemed and chosen leaders of spirals spanning the entire continent, and make up the governing body that confers on matters of natural importance. They are also the Ambassadors to each of the major cities, providing council, guidance, and judgement to ensure the protection of nature from the ravages of humanoids, while at the same time protecting the habitations from looming natural threats. They also act as protectors and escorts to those that migrate constantly across the continent, helping find or provide food in sustainable manners. In a way, they ensure a more strict sort of balance between the urbanizing tendencies of the humanoids and the harsh and unforgiving environment around them. The Council meets twice a year, or, in dire emergencies when summoned by any of their number. Unlike their Vaxian counterparts, the Council's members are expected to be among the people of Candenord, available to assist and oversee as needed. As spirals may change, evolve, and expand or shrink, the size of the Council adapts accordingly, and so it is difficult to pin an exact number on them at any given time.

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