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Arpaksad was built a mere 70 years ago by Emperor Wyndham, at the same time as Ish Lavin for the purpose of war with Candenord and Shi Inkahan. Wyndham thought he could take on both coutries at once, though the wars never happened. It is also the generic term for various fiefdoms and villages that cluster around the city itself.

Arpaksad is known as the White City, in contrast to the Black City of Ramsalon Until recently, it was ruled by King Merguth, and was technically part of the Vaxian Empire but in practise grew further and further apart from Ramsalon. However, Merguth vanished at the same time Vaxia's First General Augustus Razzaine did, and Emperor Balcazar appointed Merguth's former apprentice, Meriadoch, as Governor. Since then, relations between the two cities have normalized, Arpaksad is one again under the governance of the Empire, and most analysts predict it will be the bright, shining city of the future.

It is not that far from Ramsalon, but decidely far enough, across Gauntlet Gulf from the Northern Penninsula. The Vega Stream runs from here to Kundul and Nebrak, and the Royal Road goes north around the Gulf to Ramsalon. No accident in its geography deserves to be called a mountain or cliff except the one above the Kadrass Ocean, where the White City itself sits.

Arpaksad is also home to the fort of Lirr, where many of the Empire's elite are trained.

Arpaksad is the generic name given to some feuds and towns near the capital city of the same name. Its not that far from Ramsalon, but decidely far enough. It exists in the lower side of the hook that later on forms the Northern Penninsula. The Vega Stream, runs from here to Kundul and Nebrak, the Royal Road goes south and enters directly to Iskrania far in the west. Arpaksad is near the deep woods that forge the western border of No Man's Land, but is mostly composed of plains and green valleys. No accident in its geography deserves to be called a mountain, nor cliff, excepting the one next to the very Kadrass sea, where the White City itself sits.

The City Of Arpaksad

Arpaksad can easily hold on to its reputation of the most beautiful, majestic city in this world. Few wonders on the land can even compare to Arpaksad's impressive architechture, and standing before the White Rose Avenue, one cannot help it, but to look up and marvel at the pearly shades of the tall, artistic buildings and golden riveted corners and perfect streets branching off into the carefully planned districts. Arpaksad is not cheap to live in though. Poor people dont stand too much of a chance here. Most of the low labor force live behind the castle, in the back of the city, also near the sewers that dump over the cliff into the sea.

Fort Lirr

Fort Lirr, founded by Jared the Dragonslayer himself, during the Golden Age of Ramsen, has ever since trained the best soldiers the world has ever seen, arguably at the same level as the Shimpo-Ryu monastery in Shi-Inkahan, that produces Bashumatsus. Ramsalon's Royals call this home, if they dont bail out during the harsh 4 year training.





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