Apprentices of Necromos

Apprentices of Necromos
Necromos trained nine Apprentices, naturally talented and powerful individuals to help him dominate the world.

  • Thanatar was the most powerful, a necromancer, who helped his master to create the Bloody Shroud vampire clan, becoming himself the first of their number. Thanatar rebelled against Necromos, and after much trial and error and sacrifice, found a way to sever the blood bond with his master. Then he died.
      Thanatar created the vampire Thanarion, who created Astarion, who created (among others) Eithnie, who created Thrilken.
  • Hickorigatta was an evil Shinkan witch who was responsible for creating the Lom Gunji Vampires
  • Ramichigatta was the twin sister of Hickorigatta but turned back to good at the last moment, protecting a powerful magical artifact from falling into her sister's hands, then was was killed by Hickorigatta.
      Her lover, Ozishima, created the Dachairo vampire clan in her honour.
  • "Snakeskin" was one of the less powerful but cleverer of Necromos's apprentices. He was a grand master of mind magic and metamorphomancy and skilled at a dozen other magics, and was supposedly killed after only a few years as Necromos's apprentice by the Emperor's Court Sorcerer, Karrk. Some fifty years ago, Snakeskin mysteriously returned to visibility and started creating apprentices of his own. His real name has been forgotten by everyone, including his master Necromos, his father Karrk, and quite possibly himself, and no records of it survive, leading many to suspect that he somehow wiped it from the book of history entirely.

  • Tyrael Greenflame was the youngest of Necromos's apprentices, a master of a peculiar green fire, and also metamorphomancy, which he learned from Snakeskin, his friend and lover. They are thought to have had a child, using metamorphomancy. Tyrael was locked in a pocket dimension (represented by a huge green crystal) by Necromos, to prevent Tyrael from being killed in his master's coming defeats.

  • Don Julian was a Bloody Shroud vampire who became trapped in Grokul prison with a large number of his kin. He became the first Coriander and worked changes on this group, transforming it into the LanCorian clan, so that they could survive in the prison for a long time. Eventually, they all escaped, and Don Julian moved to Tesaria where he was killed a few years ago by a group including Gaunth Samdi Maliö II, and a number of others.

  • Muratos, the first Muratori Vampire.

  • Two others, whose names have been lost to the inexorable march of historic entropy.