One of the youngest sons of Mahawainogy and Maya Adler is a very delightful god. He is the bringer of joy, love, and the patron of musicians and artists. Adler believes that life is meant to be pleasureful and that enjoyment is the key to understanding the greater meanings of life. He enjoys music and art for the pleasure it can bring to those who experience, and he frowns at the idea that art must have a purpose higher than emotional gratification. Adler holds a similar view on love. He likes to play with love, flirt for the sake of flirting, engage in physical lovemaking for the pleasure it provides, and he does not believe that love needs to be more than that. Likewise, Adler frowns on those who intentionally hurting someone in the process of seeking their own enjoyment.

Adler asks his followers to enjoy life the way he does and therefore he grants his followers many abilities that make life more enjoyable and worthwhile. He is often seen as the inspirational force behind many great works of art, and music. Some stories suggest he once had an affair with Angeogy that ended badly and that is the reason why true love if so hard to obtain.