Organizations Submission Guidelines

Organizations covers any unified group, from formal military units to gangs, councils and guilds. Many religions (officially recognized or otherwise) fall into this category.

When creating or editing an Organizations article, please be sure you include the following:

  • Status of Organization:
  • - is the organization still operating, did it get moved into a different one, was it disbanded, is it an Ancient or Historical group (for reference) and is no longer active.

  • Active Membership:
  • - An approximate number of active members. This can be very general, it's just to give us a sense of scale.

  • Where Based and Areas of Influence:
  • - The location of their headquarters, chief operating area and regions where they have the most influence/affect/status. Multiple locations allowed. Please link to the Locations pages where possible.

  • Leadership:
  • - Who is the current leader(s) of the organization? Link to the appropriate Notable Characters and NPCs page when you can and if there is no NPC page provide a name and short description. If the leader is a secret - indicate clearly that no one knows who the leader is, but still provide the NPC details so that information is still on hand. If there is no active leader - state why there is no leader and a short description on what is going on within the group as people strive to fill the leader role.

  • Legal Status:
  • - in short are they wanted criminals anywhere or not.

  • Distinguishing Marks:
  • - Any sign, banner, or symbol that the unit uses to identify itself. If there isn't one, just say "None"

  • Known Enemies:
  • - any other groups that have it out for this one or enemies if applicable.

  • Known Allies:
  • - any groups that work with this one or have formal peaceful type agreements with if applicable.

The next section should be a details and history part. This section should contain such information like:

This to give players an understanding on what to expect from this organization and how to put into into play. The target word count of such articles should aim to be around 1200.